Monday, January 29, 2007

Rt Hon Dr John Reid: Plainting and Decorating?

Dizzy latches on to a metaphor his hero John Reid adopts in today's Guardian by way of explanation for the events, dear boy, events which mark his challenging Home Office tenure.

Reid has bravely stopped the papering over the cracks action of predecessors and is stripping the walls bare. Hopefully clearing the decks of shirkers and dodgy cover up merchants..

Perhaps Mr Reid is now through the hurriedly applied Clarke veneer, the rather thick Blunkett artex, and the Straw man layers. Is he now through the extraordinarily thin Tory conceits and down to their out of the Ark dodgy Wattle and Daub technology?


dizzy said...

Breaking news: Pope not actually catholic

Chris Paul said...

Indeed: Pope actually reformed Nazi Jugend who stayed in post to tell the tale unlike poor Archbishop of Warsaw a reformed Commie Spy.