Monday, September 17, 2007

Libdemology: Ministry of Truth on Waltham Smears

We've taken an interest in smear-ageddon or smear-arama, though as Unity thoroughly expounds this is a very serious matter. Whatever is resolved on Friday Miranda Grell admits to having been a silly gossip at least once.

And the Lib Dems will still be as akin to Scientologists as ever. With their misery and crazy charts both.

A Tom Cruise - Nick Clegg double act is what we need now to cement the deal.

This is a bar chart produced by the Lib Dems (right) and recreated accurately by Unity (completely right). Right in both senses of the world.

For both linked posts Unity uses the tag "Libdemology".
LOL first used this when the Libs first started complaining that the other conferences had Scientology stalls while they did not.

First in print in January 2007 I think. Were there any earlier uses of this valuable concept or its Fibdemologist variant?

I explained this coining was because the Scientologists could see their approach was already being taken by the LD crew. Small comfort I know.

Perhaps they too have some religious nutters at their conference exhibition this year? Information please.

Not sure what happened with the announcement of a solution to the apparently Tory Norman Lamb smearing activity. But now he's doing it to himself.

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