Thursday, September 20, 2007

Osama's Message to America: Made in America?

After a certain amount of banter about the state of Osama Bin Laden's beard the MSM and the MSBs alike dropped the subject. The underbelly of the web and blogosphere however has stories left, right and centre asserting that the video is 100% forgery. Originating from US Intelligence to keep TWOT ticking over and back surging and limited withdrawal elsewhere. Hat tip: Ummah Pulse.

The key points they make are (a) that the supposed 9-11 suicide bomber whose last will and testament is featured is in fact allegedly alive and well in Saudi Arabia and (b) that all the current commentary is effectively audio only. I don't know. What do you think? Was this thing made by people in the USA with a Grecian 2000 gimmick just so much beardwash? Somethingly like having an imaginery friend who sends mail. The video is here:

UPDATE DOH! 8:00AM: I need to get out more. the Daily Telegraph had a story with the CIA identifying "Azzam the American" as the author on 9 September 2007. But as so often the retraction/reveal has far less coverage on the MSM/MSBs than the trick itself. Though the CIA were still saying it was 100% Bin Laden audio. And using headline: "US loner helps bin Laden to taunt Bush" not possibly more accurate; "US loner helps Bush to taunt USA on TWOT".

Makes the absence of noddies on C4 news - have you noticed? - easier to bear now doesn't it?

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