Saturday, November 17, 2007

Boris Johnson: Plenty of Time Before Start of Campaign

Perhaps Paddick's selection will Spur Boris Into Action says Top Tory strategist and blogger Iain Dale who finds that over the last couple of months the Bozzer has managed just one press release. But then again ... what's the rush? Boris needn't worry about being seen to be busy. He can just kick off his shoes and produce a book of poetry for the christmas market do some thinking instead.

Oh Iain, no excuses please, this is the SECOND major hiatus in the Boris campaign feed. He only got busy for a few days either side of the selection. Otherwise he's been nowhere. Except peddling around on his pedigree sex machine and sitting on his well cushioned backside.

He said in his application he would spend:

"A good deal" of time on the job.

But his site was deserted between declaring and late in the selection and now again between selection and today's date.

If Boris doesn't get busy and Paddick goes law and order and fairly right wing he could do remarkably well. Perhaps not quite enough to be the one getting Boris' transfers but Boris clearly couldn't give a monkey's about this job and that is communicating itself to the electorate.

Cameron must be really really annoyed at this feckless and disengaged attitude.

Incidentally Suz Blog suggested that Paddick's fellow candidates on the mayoral Lib Dem shortlist were victims of (a) tokenism and (b) being set up. The Libs are even making the Tories look good on Equality.


Quiet_Man said...

I don't know, perhaps a mayor who can resist interfering and micromanaging London is what's needed. Sometimes doing no more harm is the necessary evil.

Chris Paul said...

There's a thought. Like having no mayor at all? If that's his game Mr Johnson should be saying so and explaining how policing, tourism, waste, transport and so on will benefit from his non touch.