Monday, November 12, 2007

Cllr John McLeech MP: Declared McDonalds Hospitality

Cllr Kerron Cross offers me the chance to catch Cllr John Leech MP doing something right. KC knows I've been trying to do this for more than two years now. I'd like to pour some KC sunshine on John Boy. But it has been a struggle. There was that near miss when he condemned Cluster Bombs. But it all went horribly wrong.

Kerron is bashing Dale for Ashcroft defending (and Aitken distancing) which of course get a roasting at mine too. McLeech was unwise I think to accept a World Cup ticket or tickets from McDonalds but he did give it/them back and he did register it properly.

But where I think the McDonalds McMPs have fallen down is in that extraordinarily silly McJobs McEDM. McDonalds were already running campaigns on the web and in store and in print using the "McJobs" handle and "McOpportunities" too. These MPs simply gave them some below the line publicity by swallowing a gert big dollop of PR McSauce.

And in a recent Hocus Focus there was further McFood for thought as Mr Leech did not oppose a shop development at a petrol station site which has a McDonalds on it. While attacking Tesco just because they are Tesco. Picture will follow.

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