Saturday, November 24, 2007

Karen Reissmann: BBC, Two Hundred Manchester March

Managed to get through last night's excellent Alistair Campbell Dinner and Voter Identification in icy Northenden this morning. But severe earache kept me away from town for today's Karen Reissmann demonstration.

Miles has given his take on that dinner and these - also from Miles - were yesterday's news links on this story:

Socialist health campaigner backs Karen: see post and documents at the campaign blog

Bosses big gun fires blanks: See the blog on the campaign myspace.

Join the debate at Manchester Confidential.

And there are some comments on Miles' earlier post that he found "interesting.

Channel 4 Shameless auteur Paul Abbott - who was himself sectioned aged 15 following a suicide attempt - has added a heartfelt letter of support to the campaign blog.

The North West Tonight report stated that Karen's Appeal Hearing has been brought forward one week. This is very welcome news. The sooner the better.

UPDATE: The Campaign MySpace estimate is well over 1000 involved in all and there is a report of a speech from my MP Tony Lloyd - the Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party no less - and actor Chris Bisson reading Paul Abbott's letter of support.


Anonymous said...

Good letter from Abbott.

Miles said...

Did they really say 200?
There were loads more.
There's a bit at

Chris Paul said...

If you click the link you will find them saying 200 Miles. Sorry I didn't make it. The Profen wasn't doing the business and even the hard stuff is not keeping the ache at bay.

Miles said...

Get well soon.
I'm told the police estimated 1,500 - but not by the police themselves.
Couldn't make link work. Will try again.