Monday, February 11, 2008

David Davis Sleaze Allegations: GuF Brings Home Bacon

Paul Staines aka hammy blogger Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF has invented a piggy index for politicians. Trouble is he immediately applies it in a wholly biased way - giving peers a fulsome three little piggies for maxxing their expenses, with the story he links to appearing to say these were legitimate claims, while giving David Davis a mere one little piggy for a £20,000 leadership donation laundered by two of his litter of cronies, plus a similar sum through his own and, er, Derek Conway's declarations. Or was it the same money tumbling through the laundry?

Once again it is a case of well done to the boy Mann! As it goes the Independent on Sunday's investigation points out more than Guido lets on. That Davis and indeed our old friend the disgraced Del Boy Conway made parallel/repeat declarations to those of the jobsworth cronies.

All good clean fun from David Davis. The man who made [insert]many complaints against Peter Hain, though it was his near namesake the nonentity David Davies who made the [/insert] formal complaints about Peter Hain. And who But Davis has perhaps spat out the most holier than thou sound bites on such matters.

These donations via MPs Mitchell, Herbert and Conway were of course part of the "defeat from the jaws of victory" campaign coordinated by Tory Boy Blogger Iain Dale and supported by GuF himself. Mr Dale is very fond of reminiscing about how very prim and proper that campaign was. With every last thing declared properly. Obviously not! To turn Mr Davis' own rhetoric on himself: Davis appears to make a liar out of poor Dale.

FOOTNOTE: For some strange reason Staines/Fawkes/GuF includes an attack on the broadcaster Jeremy Paxman within his round up of alleged politician excess. Now why would that be? Has GuF got some kind of a problem with Newsnight or something?

UNDERFOOT NOTE: Well worth dragging up all the Basher Davis references in Guido's archive at this point. 114 - count 'em. Including Davis' memorable rebuke that Cameron: "Couldn't run a bath". Ho ho ho. Oink oink oink.


Anonymous said...

Given your many past comments on your role in managing David Davis's campaign finances I'm looking forward to your comments on the reported donations made to the campaign via Messrs Mitchell and Herbert. Did you know about them? Why were the donations made in such a fashion? Why is the donor saying the donations were made to David Davis? If the donations were to Davis why weren't they registered in his name? Why is Davis silent on the matter?

Just posted on Iain Dale's blog. I'm sure you can think of a lot more questions.

Anonymous said...

Ps love the graphic.

Worth looking at donations received by Mitchell on the Electoral Commission website - he does appear to be attracting an awful lot of donations in his own right (as well as flying to every corner of the world courtesy of Air Ashcroft)

Anonymous said...

Should note that Davis's Consituency Association never filed its 2003 accounts with the Electoral Commission - the reason given in its 2004 accounts was that there was a fire in the Constitueny Office. Not sure that is sufficient excuse for breaking the law however - certainly wouldn't be in GuF's books.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Chris, that last comment is deeply homophobic. Should you not delete it?

As a point of fact in amongst all this fiction, it was David Davies MP for Monmouth who made a complaint about Peter Hain, not David Davis.

Chris Paul said...

Have removed the last comment but one. Bit of a shame to get so many anons on such an interesting story. The wrong Davis was named in one of the Dale posts, sorry.

jailhouselawyer said...

I covered the Davis/Dale story on Sunday...

Sunday, February 10, 2008
Tory blogger Iain Dale embroiled in £20,000 donation row

Tory blogger Iain Dale embroiled in £20,000 donation row

When I first read this article Davis embroiled in row over £20,000 donation, I was sure when Iain Dale started to throw mud around at Peter Hain that he had written that David Davis was whiter than white thanks to his contribution. There is a danger with being too smug. "During the last Conservative leadership election, my task, as David Davis's chief of staff, was to ensure that he didn't suffer any of the embarrassments which have afflicted Peter Hain".

It's good of Iain Dale to take credit for this cock up...

Posted by jailhouselawyer at 11:49 AM

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