Saturday, April 26, 2008

Amir's Management & MEN: Doth Protest Too Much

The 1700 hits returned by the search string - "amir khan" "david cameron" conservative - show the extent to which the conservative party have traded on the star boxer's name. Presumably by his weasel-tongued management's arranging rather than his own.

This gives the lie to his management's claims to being above politics or indicates that they should be picking a fight with Dave's Tories rather than a local candidate in Whalley Range. LOL continue to be amazed at an MEN scribbler's complaint on this post that their story didn't miss the boat.

I wonder whether it was the floundering Lib Dem John Grant or the upstart plane spotter's crony Hussain ("Tory") - who cannot even rely on his own poster displayers for votes - who put the MEN on to the story?

READER PARTICIPATION: Have you seen a Tory leaflet picturing Amir Khan with Dave Cameron? Any campaign leaflet - apart from Amina Lone's - featuring Amir Khan with a candidate? Please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Enough of this twitter about Amir, Chris. Marginal seat polling does not look good. Ashcroft seems to have stitched us up good and proper. Have you got any more about that Lion thing? We need it quick so we can smear Cameron's lot before Thursday.

And anything else you've got that makes those Libdemologists look dodgy would be helpful. (We're not interested in stuff on "full page bleeds" or whatever you were talking about.)

We've got a lot on Boris but any little nugget you can throw in that makes him look worse than Livingscum (whoops, did I say that?) - sorry, Ken, then please share.

I'm not saying we are desperate for some solid information but ever since Harridan's (yes, that is her real name) website was hijacked we've lost all our records.

We're relying on you, Chris. Don't let us down.

Chris Paul said...

Hilarious and courageous "Gordon".

Anonymous said...

But nothing on the Lion Air story? Oh, F***!

You were my last resort. Funny that, 'cos that is what everyone else says about you. All mouth and no trousers (or trews, as my father would say).

Oh well, it's going to be the Prozac overdose after all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the picture of Amina up again to remind us how babelicious she is. VOTE AMINA on 1st MAY.

Anonymous said...

Oh how the Labour Party are woried about Thursday.
You only have a few days left to forge them postal votes!!
Sorry, get people to send their votes in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amina fan ... a little sanity in the face of tory/lib dem sock puppet drivel. Though Grant's a catch too don't you think?

Anonymous said...

All those google results amount to much the same thing - Amir Khan has appeared twice with David Cameron.

I am sure he would be equally willing to appear with the leaders of the other parties, to promote things he believed in (like his gym). On each occasion he has met David Cameron there has been an EXPLICIT requirement from his management the appearance should not be portrayed as party-political endorsement.

Let me know if you find a leaflet or any other claim of party endoresement by Amir or his management.

Chris Paul said...

No no no David. The 1700 google hits on this specific search show that Amir Khan has been used in a huge way by the Conservatives.

It is irrelevant whether anyone has stated baldly that Amir endorses Cameron or the Tories ... his management has allowed him to be put in this position not once but twice.

It appears that he helped launch their youth policy. It appears that he thinks Cameron - rather than say McGuigan or Calzaghe - is a suitable person to launch his gym.

I would suspect that the management have Tory sympathies at the very least ... or, who knows, have received fees for these associations. There is no good explanation for their choices otherwise.

It's one thing for a gym in Baguley - which receives cash from city hedgies - to welcome Cam and let him slum it with them. It makes no sense for Amir Khan. Investigate!

Amina Lone DID NOT claim that Amir Khan endorsed her or Labour (whether he does or not does not come into it). You asked the question about the humungous Tory splashes x 2 yet did not think it worth mentioning in the piece ... which has been repeated in several places.

I cannot understand that. Particularly during purdah. I think what you've done is miss the story which is Tories and/or LDs telling tales on a Labour candidate over a jokey picture. When it is Cameron that has really used Amir in the extreme.

Anonymous said...


We are going in circles. Amir and his management _agreed_ to the Cameron meetings, on the proviso that Amir was not seen to be saying "vote Tory". Of course it helps the Conservatives that Amir is being seen to agree with part of their youth policy (or vice-versa); that's a caculation he and his people will have made. Many people will choose to work with politicians of any or all parties on specific issues. You are yet to produce evidence that the Conservatives have used the visits to claim "Amir says vote Tory at the next election!" If you find any, as I say, I'll look at it.

This leaflet was _not_ agreed and was published shortly before an election. Plus - and this is what makes it a story - HIS MANAGEMENT COMPLAINED.

Whether Amina meant to imply political support or not is a valid and to some extent open question. But it is an inference a reasonable person _might_ make (Amir's management certainly did).

Find evidence, I'll print it. Google hits won't cut it, I'm afraid.

Chris Paul said...

Whatever David

I think your story is strikingly incomplete. Amir's man would have not known about this unless told by WR Tories or Lib Dems, or by a journalist informed by such.

Amir's man has put him not once but twice into huge scale propaganda for the Tories. This appears to amount to an association and an endorsement that is not intended by the boxer certainly, but IMO may be on behalf of the management.

You are missing a story here. the other boxing gym to which Cam has been and which provided MEN stories was the United one in Wythenshawe.

That one receives cash from Tory-linked city boy charities. Did you know that? Has Amir also taken such Tory cash?

That is the story. Don't thank me ... just get on and investigate it properly yourself.

It's purdah but although you have asked the right question you have not even mentioned it in passing.

Which, irrespective of the bigger story under your nose, you should have done.

In my opinion.

Chris Paul said...

PS Take a look at Amir's own site and you will find him explaining how Cam opened his gym because Amir had publically endorsed the Tory youth charity and attendant policy.