Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Liverpool Shenanigans: Lib Dem Lunacy Exposed

Several bloggers have now reported on an innovative briefing and discussion held by Liverpool's Labour Group leader Joe Anderson as part of a commitment to openness, consultation and partnership. Among the Manchester posse being Stephen Newton, Bill Jones and Graham Whitham whose excellent blog is long overdue a link.

Stephen and Skipper were of course co-conspirators in Iain Dale's Treat. And Joe Anderson's own attack pages at Worst Council in the Country are also well worth a virtual gander across the M6.

Meanwhile it transpires that Cllr Mike "frogmarch officers" Storey - the disgraced ex-Leader, barred from office by Standards, but widely thought of as puppeteer - and Cllr Warren "handbags at election counts" Bradley (the puppet) have been reported to Standards for TWENTY SIX counts of recent breaches of the code of conduct. This alleged perfidy was all accomplished in their all out drive to get Liverpool on its knees.

To one-star status and "worst civic finances" bar none (Cover poster splashes courtesy of the Liverpool Echo) .

While the detail of all these counts should I think remain between the complainants and the Standards Board I do think it would be wrong of me to suppress the contents of a letter passed to me by an admirer and which concerns FIVE of the most serious problems they're up for.

Watch this space for five thrilling instalments.

INDEX: One, Two, Three-Four-Five once I caught some FIBS alive. Why did you let them go? Because they wrecked my city so.

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Anonymous said...

I note that the SBfE roundly condemns those who publicise the fact councillors have been reported, before any decision has been made, in order to generate negative headlines. It a pretty low tick to pull before an election, in the knowledge that the victim is prevented from defending themselves.

Chris Paul said...

Low tick? What are you on about? Roundly condemns? What are you on about anon?

Most of the content of this leaked letter has already been covered in the Echo, the Post, and Liverpool's vibrant blogging community. Before any report to Standards and irrespective of whether there was to be one or not.

Gathering it together in one place seems like a service to the electorate of the once great city of Liverpool which has been horrendously mismanaged by Storey and Bradley.

And also to any other community that faces an onslaught from apolitical, incompetent and fibbing Lib Dem pretenders.

I am not aware of any Lib Dem people holding themselves back from telling when they are reporting someone or other in another party.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit like you're worried that NuLabour will be stuffed yet again by the LibDems.

It's all going down the tubes now. Was it you pulling that chain around your neck that started it all off last November? Hope so.

Oh well, you are used to swimming with the turds, aren't you Chris?

Chris Paul said...

Er, sock puppet stalker ... over the last three years the chain of office has been worn proudly by a Commonwealth Games finalist, a Commonwealth Games finalist, and an Olympic and Commonwealth medallist. I'm proud to be in such company as a mere UAU captain and county stalwart.

The fact that that chain of office is a victorian vintage model, donated in 1932 at the inaugural meeting, is neither here nor there.

On the matter of the rout by Lib Dems you refer to I'd be happy to wager that between Manchester and Liverpool there is a net gain of ten seats by Labour. Fifteen is possible. But let's be patient.

Chris Paul said...

Well, slightly ambitious there. The peak gains were Seven at on point. But in Mcr two were lost back later. And in Liverpool a Labour muppet in Croxteth jumped ship to shore up the Lib Dems who had otherwise lost control ....

Stand by for the next couple of by-elections. Letting the Lib Dems reap the rewards of their incompetence for a further two years (or until they lose a couple of defectors and a by-election at least) may not be the worst thing that could have happened.