Friday, May 02, 2008

Cokey Minor Royal "A": Swallows His Pride

Monarchists everywhere will be glad to see the good old Viscount L's shakedown crew going down as it were. Perhaps these disrespectful speedsters will end up slipping in the shower with fellow Royal-baiter Mr Guf?

UPDATE Saturday morning: As a commentator at 0:11 pointed out the clown Boris Johnson is now the Clown Prince. A rather good acceptance speech, only fluffing/bottling his one "joke" "Thank you Mr Meier" (sounds like Mayor!!!!), and an extremely good speech from Our Ken. Brian Paddick also mumbled something.


Ken said...

Westmonster says that Boris Johnson just won the election!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you really the last person in the Country to work out who Royal A was?

Chris Paul said...

I wouldn't have thought so Anon 8:00. However I am more respectful of the contempt of court rules than others, and while the matter was proceeding thought it better to hide the parasite's identity as requested.

On the other hand Mr GuF's persistent drunken irresponsibility needs more publicity don't you think?

jailhouselawyer said...

As I understand it, the gagging order only related to the MSM. In any event, with the internet it is rather pointless because it was being published in America, Australia, Germany, and Italy. It reminds me of Thatcher and Spycatcher, and the media gag in the cash for honours case. The information was already widely available.

I agree that Guf's conduct needs more publicity. He is quick to dish it out in relation to others.