Friday, May 09, 2008

Trial by Jeory: John Biggs Batters Boris Cronyism

You couldn't make it up! Boris Johnson has established an independent panel to clean the Augean Stables of City Hall and the London Development Agency of any and all cronyism ... and according to Biggsy ... they are at least 80% and a suspected 100% Tory Cronies!

Panel chair Patience Wheatcroft, a former editor of The Sunday Telegraph, is by her own admission a 'lifelong Tory,' he said.
"Panel member Edward Lister is a long-standing Tory councilor (in Wandsworth)," Biggs adds.
"Panel member Stephen Greenhalgh is a Tory councilor (Hammersmith & Fulham).
"Patrick Frederick is chair of the South East & Southern London Conservative Business Relations.

"I see no way in which the panel you have established could be described as 'independent'."
He also demanded to know whether Andrew Gordon, the panel's 'independent expert adviser,' had any political affiliation.
Mr Gordon is a senior investigator at PricewaterhouseCoopers accountants, where Cllr Greenhalgh was also formerly a partner.

Ted Jeory - who has in his hand a letter from Biggs to Johnson - reports inquiries too on how much these Tories are being paid and whether Mr Gordon is acting on a personal basis or on behalf of PriceWaterhouse.

"If PriceWaterhouse are acting, were they appointed by competitive tender?" Biggs is demanding.

"If not, why not? Is there a risk of abuse of public money in this exercise?"


boris is london mayor said...

Now come on Chris
There has been no party in history which has had more cronyism than the Labour Party in the past 11 years.
The sooner Mr Brown calls a General Election and puts your party out of it's misery the better!

Chris Paul said...

Oh do give it up old chap. Can't you see how hilarious it is for an "independent" cronyism panel to be stacked with four or five Tories out of five?

You may have some time to wait for Brown to call a general election I'd say. Why would he go now? It's not time and the polls are bad. He's not an idiot.

boris is london mayor said...


Yes Gordon Brown is an idiot and the thing is if he would have called the election when he was before losing his bottle he would have won.
Now you're 26 points adrift with even golden boy James Purnell looking over his shoulder at his seat.
Less than 2 years to go before he has to call one and things are looking very bleak.
So like i said Gordon grow a set of balls and call an election and put you and your party out of it's misery