Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oily Davros MP Exclusive: Can You Spot the Difference?

There was a time when Oily Duncan MP was considered - by Michael Portillo inter alia - as a very fine candidate for leader of the New Tory Project. Now he is fighting for his political life with mainstream media story after mainstream media story etc etc being spiked by his legal team. Mostly they say he's still a slimy oilman at heart. Which many would say is fair comment. But expensive lawyer-PR specialists disagree. Even though, or perhaps because, the first was tagged "the most worrying Tory Sleaze story so far".

Very likely the odious guys and gals running cover for him are the very ones who engineered such a public relations coup for the odious Alisher Creosotemanov. Vitol use them.

But I can now exclusively reveal the above - before and after - photographs proving once and for all that D'Oily Cad has given up ambitions to be PM and is to launch a glittering career in over-acting.

How on earth did I stumble on this fracture in the time-space continuum? The last time I looked - sometime before the extraordinary Dr Who "Final Curtains" story began - Peter Oborne's story in The Daily Mail was still extant. Many hours after first posting. Like a Red Top Rag to a Russian Stallion.

But an anonymous comment (19:50, not long after the disappearing earths of the 27 galaxies were reassembled and Doctor Who was off on a wild bee hunt, and just as the Davros and Dalek Caan double act (NB Not Khan as many including T Blair and G Brown believe) really got going, alerted me to the strange disappearance of the Mail's piece.

Could this apparent censorship of a drunken hack's over-egging of the pudding be in any way related to the bizarre "Stolen Earth" story line? Almost like a Lib Dem leaflet in the twists, double twists and plain old-fashioned barminess. Is corrupt little scumbag Oily Duncan to be the next Doctor Who? Or be unmasked as the true Davros? Watch this space! (Ahem, very sorry about that).

FOOTNOTE: The same anonymous poster later (21:19) claimed that a Conservative Home comment indicated that it was legal jackboots rather than a technical glitch or Doctor Who plot twist that was keeping the Mail story off the internet. But that is further evidence of the bizarre lenths to which the conniving Russell T Davies is prepared to go to protect his plot twists.


Chris paul is stanley unwin's love child said...

'Mostly they say he's still a slimey oilman at heart.'

Shouldn't that be 'slimy'? You really are a dreary, illiterate oaf.

Chris Paul said...

Slimy or slimey? Is there a confusion there? But noted. All the world's a classroom.

Diablo said...

Actually I thought this was passably amusing for you Chris. Pleased to note you're a DW fan - it explains where you get all your fantasy ideas.

Exciting isn't it? Who do you think the next Doctor will be?

Diablo said...

Damn, I forgot to ask about progress on the Flying Lion story. Any news yet? You did say you'd get back to us.

Letters From A Tory said...

Hmmm. Not good news for Mr Duncan. Perhaps David Cameron will move him aside in a cabinet reshuffle, knowing that this story will not leave the Conservatives alone?

Chris Paul said...

Flying Lion will be back Diablo as sure as eggs is eggs.

Meanwhile I think the 11th Doctor Who will be the same as the 10th Doctor Who and that for the first time ever he'll regenerate as himself.