Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flower of Scotland?: He'll Send Them Homewards ...

One of them must be fibbing. Or perhaps their cocky party is riven with doubt? Alex Salmond says that any independence referendum must be once in a generation, say every 20 years, while Johnnie No Mates Mason says he'll send folk homewards to think again, until that is they hit on the answer this separatist fundamentalist desires.
Will Salmond resign if his champion gets the bum's rush he so richly deserves?


Newmania said...

Ah the Unionist Labour Party it always makes me laugh. I expect you sleep under a Union Jack duvet and have a picture of the Queen do you?

Chris Paul said...

Not exactly Newmania.

You are right.

Lad has a Man U duvet. We do not have a Union Jack. We do have a couple of FoSg car flags for my ironic, careless friend that lives in manila and who like myself is a n internationale-ist.

Have pictures of Mao and Gorbachev (the latter being particularly ironic) enough to cause my naighbour Janice who is a priest to flee the house.

But isn't it strange though that the big Unionist dynamic in Northern Ireland of lumpen Scottish plantationists becomes Republican when back home in Scotland?

And that the catholics in former are nationalist and latter unionist. Yes, it is odd, so it is.

Diablo said...

Blimey, Chris, that was very nearly erudite for you! But it is a very interesting question. Do all these old enmities really still exist?