Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mail on Sunday: Better News Sense Than Iain Dale?

Who'd have thought it? To the disgust of one Tory Boy Blogger the Mail on Sunday run an exclusive Harrods kiddie fiddler story ahead of a tedious ex-Minister starts Brown Straw poll confection. The MoS have had the same ex-Minister, Catweazle to Straw's Demon Headmaster, muttering and grousing before.

George Howarth MP, like Graham Stringer MP, has a five figure majority though both face the uncertainty of boundary changes. To be quite truthful the Harrods assault story looks stronger all round. The (Brownie?) source of the second story suggests that they won't say more ... just in case it scuppers the plot. Arf arf.


Iain Dale said...

You really don't do irony, do you?

Anonymous said...

It's got to be that fucking fucker Fayed.

Let's see what Michael Mansfield can pull out of the bag this time around?

Anonymous said...

It is just the royals getting back at someone for finding out about what murders they did. If he is guilty he should be locked up but what if it just royal sickoes exploiting the law to punish anyone who does them.

Chris Paul said...

Don't do irony Iain? Was that post ironic? Really?