Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Comedy Writ Threatened: Order of the Boot from JC

It's not every day one gets threatened with a comedy writ. But today's one of those days. Someone purporting to be a representative of Jimmy Cricket has written to me asking me to remove the "defamatory content" from this humourous look at JC's just-for-fun welly boot award.

I can't see any defamatory content. But I've added a question mark after "putting something back into Jimmy's bank account if nothing else?" because the press release or whatever the great man gave to the Rochdale Obbie does not confirm for certain whether all the gigs that Kath from Wardle organised for JC resulted in any pay for JC.

Perhaps it is defamatory to say he just looks after those that look after him? He does lots of charidee gigs after all. Including for that Big Pudding Cyril Smith. But so local people say. And like Norman and Cyril I'm not about to commit myself either way. I'll put an "or disagree" in that line to make that completely clear - like Norman and Cyril do when it comes to asbestos under people's homes.

Perhaps it is defamatory these days to suggest he is a Rochdale Lib Dem?!

No doubt Councillor Dale Mulgrew, for it was he, issuing the threats in the most extraordinary pidgin law lingo, or British Actors Equity who he has invoked, will explain the nature of the defamation to me so I can make the necessary adjustments.

Cllr Mulgrew - who has presided over a most appalling Rochdale Social Care set up and its jaw droppingly bad audit reports, and much else of extreme de-merit - has persuaded me with his talking rough in jolly cod legalise and from some strange email account to boot that I should perhaps remove JC's image from the site.

All pictures of JC are his copyright avers DM. Is that right? Really??

But for now at least I'm doing that. With a spot (or a check) of my homage to Bridget Riley instead. But what a bunch of daft so-and-sos these Rochdale Lib Dems are.

It'd be funny ... but sadly it's only Cyril Smith's friend Jimmy Cricket.


Miles said...

The default position (since about 1986) is that pictures are the copyright of the person who takes them - or of their employer if they take them as part of their job.
However all these things are negotiable.
So Jimmy C could have bought his copyright or only agreed to pose for the pics if he could kep the copyright.
But the idea that ALL pics are his is a non starter.

Chris Paul said...

Thank you Miles.

Just for fun I am going to use the Bridget Riley check on any and all pictures of Jimmy Cricket, and for that matter Dale Mulgrew. At least for one week from today.

Anonymous said...

Could you do then same with images of Cllr Jean Jeanie that are not in a good light?

Perhaps also of other Lib Dems such as Norman Smith and Ted Flynn when they are at functions expressing illiberal opinions of British asians.

How about superimposing white cloth hoods on their images? Would a burning cross in the background be too much or would saintly Dale Mulgrew then suggest all crosses are image rights held by the catholic church?

Where some of the Rochdale Lib Dems could end up they will all need asbestos underpants on.

Anonymous said...

Talking of underpants, following the Cllr Cricket school of media law, then cheeky Rapmate of the year 1975 Cllr Alan Taylor should claim his image rights.

Chris Paul said...

Cllr Alan didn't take the picture, commission the picture, pay for the film or have any rights whatsoever.

He is not the Great Leader and this is not North Korea.

Anonymous said...

How do you know what young Liberals did in the comfort of their own underpants back in the 70's?

He could have set a timer on the camera, giving him just enough time to tuck his balls away and give his hair a quick combing.

Perhaps he left these photos on laydees beds next to a box of Milk Tray before stealing off into the night.

Those nights in 1974 needed filling whilst Cyril was in Westminster.