Thursday, November 06, 2008

(Sir) Cyril Smith: Launch Of New Facebook Group

Interest in our latest Cyril Smith story continues to bubble along. As a result of Kevin Maguire's visit to 14 Emma Street, Rochdale to beard the man in his lair, and specifically
his call for Cyril to be stripped (of his knighthood) we are pleased to announce a new Facebook Group. Love Him or Loath him Sir Cyril Smith Must Now Be Stripped Of His Knighthood?.

For the moment this is unmoderated and we rely on self-censorship and responsibility. Please play nice. The question mark at the end is deliberate and other views are welcome.

CAVEAT: Other Cyril Smith related Facebook Groups exist. The Cyril Smith fan Club His Life and Times which appears to be an unsuccessful Weightwatchers Survivor Support Group, and The Official Birthday Bash, as it were.

UPDATE Fri 09:56: Strip Sir Cyril has now overtaken the Cheese and Onion Pie Fan Club. Hoping for an EDM in the very near future ... watch this space.


Rochdale Alternative Website said...

Oh dear.

2008 is really turning into a anus horriblus for Cyril Smith...

Chris Paul said...

You're either a top Latin scholar or not; can't decide just now RAW.

old Rapper said...

Nil illegitimi carborundum.

0r should that something more like

Noli nothis permitere te terere.

There is a rumour that Cyril's father was a local cotton mill owner, but that might just be a big fat Lye.

Little brother Norman has the odd middle name of Foden, hence frequent use of the ironic moniker "NF Smith" for nasty letters in Th'Ob.

Foden, in addition to being another name associated with old local big knobs in the cotton industry was also the make of some the buses used by Rochdale Coropration and local firm Yelloway.

Some very cruel folk gossip about bus depot shennighans back in the mists of time.