Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Stockport's Hennigan: Wanker Walker Keeps On Taking

Remember Cllr Christian Walker? The drunken Lib Dem Councillor and Lib Dem MEP assistant who rocked up to Portwood Tesco's at 2 AM? That was after a Lib Dem office party. And he was very much the worse for wear.

Tesco refused to serve him. And in the course of the effing and blinding that followed he aimed racist insults at a policemen, going on as he was thrown in a police cell to call the man gay.

This extremely anti-social Lib Dem thug was lucky to escape with a fine of just £200 and costs of just £300. And in the course of the trial, being asked whether his behaviour - ‘yelping and yodelling’ - was normal, he was cocky and stupid enough to state that it was among the people he represents on the Council.

Those people assumed that after that he'd have the good grace to resign, or if not be kicked off the council. But this money-grubbing drunkard has decided to stick it out. The Lib Dems have not particularly condemned him, but they have eased him out of their group. For the time being. While Lib Dem Chris Davies MEP his former boss offered little more than "Boys will be boys"

Residents in Brinnington and Central Ward, Stockport were shocked and disgusted that this disgraceful elected representative is insisting on staying as their councillor.

So they have petitioned for the drunken, racist, homophobic, elected as Lib Dem, incompetent muppet to resign. One correspondent, who shall remain nameless has suggested that he would be a welcome addition to the Rochdale Lib Dem franchise! Here's a taste of the Stockport Express Advertiser report:

Shopkeeper Mafooz Ahmed of Mo’s Supermarket, Brinnington said: "We have started a petition because many people in the community want him to resign. He has got to apologise to people in this ward. We have been here 15 years and the majority of people are decent and wouldn’t go around behaving like he did; abusing people.
"He’s a councillor and should behave better. And I personally feel offended too - I am originally from Pakistan, he comes into my shop and I don’t want him causing trouble like he did in Tesco. I’m having a meeting with other shopkeepers to see how they feel and if he doesn’t apologise I think we will be banning him from the shops in the area."
Christine Johnson, of Middlesex Road, Brinnington, has also started a petition to send to the Standards Committee.
She said: "People were under the impression that all this was cut and dried after he was convicted and that he would no longer be able to stand as a councillor. But now they’ve realised he can still stand, they’re up in arms and want to do something about it. His job is to work for people in the whole ward, including the town centre - it’s what he gets paid for - but how can anyone trust him now when they have no faith in him after what he has said."
In response, Chris (sic) Walker said: "I don’t have to step down. I’ve been elected by the people of the ward and that’s that. If they want me to go then they will vote that way at the next election. Nobody up here cares what Chris Murphy thinks.
"So everytime I sneeze or have an argument or something with someone I’m supposed to step down and have an election costing the council thousands of pounds? What a ridiculous suggestion."

Roy Gregory, a self-described exile from the town, commented at the paper: "Ah, the sights and sounds of democracy in action. Anyone considered running him out of town on a rail? After duly tarring and feathering, of course."


hennigan is a naked foot sicko said...

Stockport MBC should ASBO this fella. Curfew at 9pm. Barred from off licences after 6pm.

brinington lane said...

His comparing "sneezing" with being drunk and disorderly, racist, homophobic and insulting his residents shows where he's coming from ... what a wally. Let's hope Standards chuck him out.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Maybe they should do what I hear Rochdale Labour Party did when they had a nasty little thug in their midst - elect him as a PPC and later Group Leader!

Anonymous said...

Obviously you are concerned about the actions here - perhaps if Maureen Rowles had actually DONE HER JOB she wouldn't have lost the election!

As for Chris Walker his party membership is suspended i believe.

btw if you are saying that the one incident stops Chris Walker from doing his job as a Cllr - what do you say about the Labour candidate for Davenport and Cale Green.

You wouldn't be being hypocritical would you?

Chris Paul said...

Maureen Rowles? Would that just be a gratuitous smear SK anon? Clearly there is some confusion in Lib Dem ranks about what a councillor's job is. Clinging onto power seems to be the one and only definition for some of you yellow peril. That's necessary if we're to get things done. Of course. But getting elected and staying elected is not the one and only thing on the "to do" list as Lib Dems presume.

Labour candidate for Davenport and Cale Green. Would they have been in the MEN and SK EX and on the BBC recently? Must have missed this huge story, sorry.

If you get a blog you can tell us about it can't you?