Saturday, December 06, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Far Right NO Campaign Mugabe Moment

Here below is sight of the original Free Manchester Partnership/Sonassi dog whistles for fascists "Posters" page. Intended to promote a NO vote on Manchester's potential Great Leap Forward from lumpen racists and homophobes as part of the glorious effort to keep the driver in the driving seat.

This is archived from the period immediately before exclusive reports at this blog, caused their disgraceful anti-progress rape video to be taken down, picked up 48 hours later by the local paper; before their recruitment to Greater Manchester Momentum Group (GMMG), won on the back of the video treatment in a secret meeting with Peel/TC high ups; before that membership was hurriedly revoked; before the Trafford Centre/Peel high ups had tolerated the video being online for four days; before all their protests at the "comedy" and "sarcasm" of the rape narrative video nasty; before their web links to GMMG and stopthecharge were removed.

Reports of other historic and continuing sightings of these posters for download would be much appreciated. As a commenter asked when LOL first published the Mugabe one earlier today ... are there no depths to which the Peel-led NO Campaign will not stoop?

STILL NO ANSWERS: Why on earth has Peel CEO Andrew Simpson been grounded and stopped from taking part in this NO campaign?

STILL NO ANSWERS TOO: LOL put some questions to Peel here. How can they justify dabbling in and pandering to such ugly campaigning methods?


Iain Lindley said...

Chris Chris Chris...

I can understand why you want to hype these adverts up. They are pretty distasteful and moreover hardly likely to enthuse people to vote "no". You want it to be a big deal - that's politics.

The truth is that this video seems to be the work of two men in a shed with an out-of-date Apple Mac, and in any case the only people who've actually watched the damned thing are political hacks like us. It's hardly been on repeat play in the Orient foodhall - if it had been, you might have had a point.

The ironic thing, of course, is that the YES campaign have used a very similar message - albeit with more tact and subtlety.

Isn't "I'm voting yes because I want to feel safer on the bus" implying that you'll be less safe if you vote no?

Chris Paul said...

That comparison Iain Lindley is completely beneath you and your generally civilised and reasoned support for the NO campaign.

The TIF Proposals obviously do include improved safety for passengers. That is part of the package. Your friends at the Walkden Station chuff group remarked on the safety/CCTV at the renewed Salford Central and asked for more safety at stations like theirs. More investment is clearly necessary in that direction.

To compare the state of that INDISPUTABLE FACT - safety can be improved and TIF is a means to build safety - with a disgraceful video nasty, which might well have been watched by far more people with the Trafford Centre's tacit-plus approval - it was tagged "Trafford Centre" and had been produced AFTER a face-to-face meeting with TC/GMMG elements unknown - if it were not for an alert blogger ... well that comparison betrays a lack of proportionality.

It was not two men in a shed with an out of date Mac. It was a communications professional who is de factor head of Sonassi, going into the TC with pals and meeting high ups, sharing their brilliant idea, getting recruited to GMMG on the back of it, shooting the vid 95% on TC premises, tagging the vid "TC", and only getting condemned in anyway after 100 hours of publication. Who knows how many copies of the thing are in circulation? Being shared on mobiles and iPods?

Ditto these really disgusting posters. You lot cannot prevent the BNP and other nasty elements supporting your cause but you could at the very least not PRETEND that a bona fide safety message compares.

Can you please provide an argument to support your contention that publicising safety improvements that will be possible if TIF goes forward is IN ANY WAY comparable with this disgusting rape video or these disgusting fascist posters?

If not can you please withdraw your contention?

Everybody Hates Chris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
GMMG Spokesman said...

When GMMG posted a message on your blog two weeks ago explaining that GMMG had nothing to do with that Sonassi film, condemning it and explaining that Sonassi had been immediately expelled from GMMG as soon as we were aware of its existence, you said that the statement was "commendable". Two weeks later you are resurrecting the subject and saying that GMMG "tolerated" the existence of the video. This implies that GMMG knew of its existence and distribution before seeing it on your blog. That is completely untrue and we request that you amend your blog immediately to reflect the truth.
For the record, GMMG had no part in its production or distribution and we have condemned it from the moment we became aware of it. As soon as it was practical on the Monday following its discovery, the film was taken off YouTube and the links on Freemanchester to the GMMG and Stopthecharge websites were taken down and replaced with a statement explaining that there was no connection.
You should also know that whilst Sonassi sought the permission of the Trafford Centre to film on their premises, they (TC) had no prior knowledge of the content of the film, Sonassi did not show the film to the TC before distributing it and Sonassi did not tell TC that it had been distributed.

In case it's not blindingly obvious, GMMG had nothing to do with any of the content of the Freemanchester site and we agree that the posters you have reproduced here are disgusting.

B'Stard 4 Tameside said...

For Christ sake Chris, I am really confused as to how you can bleat on about morals when your attacks on people in the past have held no boundaries.

I was not offended by the video, but if the "yes" campaign had produced something similar, you would be singing it's praises. Just get over yourself.

P.S. I like the poster in the middle.

Chris Paul said...

B'Stard: I would not be singing its praises had it been produced by the yes campaign and nor would it have been. The YES campaign is noticeably saner and nicer at every level.

I have not "bleated on about morals" I have exposed stupid people employing fascist standards.

Chris Paul said...

GMMG Spokesperson:

I will reply to your comment on the face of the blog as it is clearly important.

Sonassi Media Services said...

Sonassi Media Services has played no part whatsoever in this campaign that CP is so intent on blaming us for.

We only feel deep regret and upset that a grown adult must continue his mud-slinging towards our company.

To clarify all points, a press release has been drafted.