Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best UK Blog: One Last Chance to Stymie Mad Mel Phillips

You have until 10 PM GMT to cast a last vote in the Best UK Blog category of the 2008 Weblogawards. Some "leading" blogs are transformed into "trailing" blogs and the top ten does not include anything like a real top ten. So it is down to an Arts and Culture blog from Brum to keep out the nutty, miserable, dangerous Melanie Phillips.

Here bludgeoning conflict resolution charity Forward Thinking and Sir David Greenstock using the blunt instrument that is Hamas militia. All because they, like Shimon Perez, Dave Cameron and Tony Blair can see "light at the end" of the Middle East conflict.

The only thing missing is the tunnel said Perez as quoted by do-nothing Cam. The only thing missing from Melanie of course is the marbles.


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1 comment:

Ryan said...

Aww man, did I miss who won?