Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bloggerheads at Loggerheads: Schillings Do Legals for LabourList

Tim Ireland is onto the fact that Derek Draper's Labour List site has retained Schillings to do their blog law for them.

This is of course Schillings doing Defence rather than Plaintiff, as they were in representing Alisher Creosotemanov or Alan Duncan.

Causing all sorts of things to be un-published, including Boris Johnson's Blog, when representing the former, and Peter Oborne to have his wings clipped over the latter. Perhaps Schillings' porky swords have now been beaten or indeed therapeutically transformed into ploughshares?

Anyways, Derek should perhaps set Schillings onto the famous wolf! crying non-litigant defamation solicitor and Islamophobic hater Donal Blaney? DB takes great pleasure today in confessing that his soldiers in Conservative Future aka Tory Youth Mujahideen were responsible for an apparent distributed denial of service attack when the Labour List blog was live on Channel 4 News last night, rendering it useless and Krishnan Guru-Murthy speechless.

Amazed that C4 didn't have a cache or video of the site. Or even a slideshow of stills to substitute. Blaney will probably claim he was only joking when he confessed. And that he did not launch or approve of any such attack. Go get him Derek!


jailhouselawyer said...

Plaintiff? What is one of them? Claimant, dear boy, claimant replaced the old fashioned term yonks ago!

BTW, pop over to my place to see the story from your neck of the woods about the ruobaL MP who claims dyslexia is a myth...

Anonymous said...

Of course it also locks schillings from acting aganst "Labour List !