Monday, February 16, 2009

Ad-i-Pose Karla Owens: Sockpuppeting and Piling on the Pounds

One ex-fatty Karla Owens I came across advertising on AOL news apparently has a blog-come-sales-operation called Karla's Weight Loss concentrating on two quacky gimmicks. 1. "Pure Acai Berries" and 2. "Total Cleanse Bromalite". Both of which the public spirited Karla Owens apparently both shills and sells.

So far, so common or garden. Get rich quick scheme is all. It is the apparently up-to-date endorsements that caught my eye. "Oh my goodness, Karla! You look amazing!!"; "I'm so glad you posted about this."; "Isn't Acai supposed to make your skin look pretty?" and "awesome!! thanks so much!" - all four apparently sent in within the last couple of weeks.

Sadly Karla has forgotten to cut the crap from her diet page as the second one continues: "My mom is making a crazy spread for Christmas, so I just know I will be in need of a New Year's resolution booster." Dated February 2, 2009!

Dare I suggest that there's some serious sock puppeting going on right there? As Karla piles on the pounds, or rather dollars, selling snake oil to the gullible. While half a dozen practical feeding tips may be shifting the weight. That's what it looks like. In fact Karla Owens may even be something of a sock puppet for the head of the pyramid, name of Dr Oz.

Remember: "Acai is packed full of anti-oxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids." Tastes like chocolate too. Nice! Could even become a Doctor Who story line.


Acai Berry said...
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Chris Paul said...

An Acai Berry colon cleanse can be great for the whole body.

Yeuch! Do go away you diet troll you.