Monday, February 16, 2009

Guido's "Window Shoppers": Mister Derek Draper Regrets

Over at the Dollyblog - that's Derek Draper's private outlet not the serious group blog Labour List - he has apologised for re-using the term "Window Lickers" to refer to some antagonistic commenters on his attack at Labour List on Guido's free and easy approach to comment moderation or rather immoderation.

Derek has it seems been pulled up for using the term, which I reported Guido using to refer to his own comments posse - not to commenters at Labour List as DD incorrectly avers - by person or persons unknown. They consider the term that Guido used and Derek copied as extremely offensive. No idea what Guido meant by it, though it is pretty obvious that Derek used it not only directly but also in ignorance. Though his echoing of an alternative meaning (see below en Francais) makes no kind of sense and smacks of post-rationalisation.

Here's Derek's grovel with its coy mention of yours truly. I spent an hour of my life researching and composing an informative response with links to Guido's original comment in situ, to my coverage of that, to a somethingly related Wiki page, and to that relevant band's satirical parody video (parody of gangsta rap bikini jiggling hoochies stylee, but PG++ for sensitive souls).

This Wiki claims the term as "derogatory British". Although my impression, having now read around, is that this extremely offensive application is actually of a North American origin. But so are the sensitive souls at Wiki. The video and the track are arguably more related to the French term faire du l├Ęche-vitrine - to go window shopping, although not entirely. And this is not to say that the video isn't offensive. Please don't say you weren't warned. The thing did win awards and gain critical acclaim.

My own direct experience of the phenomenon is via my own dog Hooch (coincidence!) who is an unstoppable licker of windows and, incidentally and less endearingly, chewer of seat belts. I'll have pictures perhaps video of him doing this somewhere. But for the moment you'll have to make do (to follow) with a saner moment, climbing a big FO hill in Lancashire, name of Parlick (coincidence!) between Christmas and New Year with his distant cousin Jim and his little sis/top dog Ottey. Neither of whom lick car windows. And both of which I'd trust more than Hooch to have anything sensible to say in a blog comment. 17:49: To me WL means "mad" and perfectly reflects the attitude of Guido's crew.

Derek has apparently not cleared my comment for publication. I'm disappointed in that. If double-D emails it to me as requested I'll re-post it here tout de suite.

UPDATE 17:46: My comment has now appeared, inserted where it should have gone in the list of comments. I've thanked Derek.

MEANWHILE: My apologies to anyone offended by my repeating Guido's no-doubt affectionate tag for his afficianados, and for any subsequent like use, and for the actions of my unwitting protege too: (17:48) "I deserve to get the piss ripped out of me..." DD admits. Here we go! Finally relaxing a bit. Now to build bridges with GuF and Dale?

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