Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alex Hilton/Labour Home Bullying: Derek Draper to Intervene?

UPDATE Thu 11:26: Vanished Links are Here.

Interesting to observe Labour Home just now, Labour Home is Where the Heart Is after all, with stories on NHS and B. Obama front and centre. (2 comments each)

Meanwhile these new blog wars involving GuF and Dale and old Drapes appear unfortunately to have spilled over into the side bar stuff. (52 comments)

An unknown but apparently 'heavy manners' type comrade is cutting up rough on bashful Alex Hilton - Recess Monkey.

Alex is PPC in Chelsea. He was heard in a lift at Conference chivvying Jacqui Smith to secure unqualified legalisation of cocaine. At least for Kensington and Chelsea as a local concession. To swing the election in Chelsea Labour's way. This is what, above all else, Alex will be campaigning for.

So, most certainly, Alex is a tireless worker for the many not the few. Derek Draper should use his new found clout to identify the culprit and stop this disgraceful, Quixotic and self-harming bullying of Alex.

With Derek's new found humility and willingness to have the piss taken - for his many and varied cock ups - he will naturally very much enjoy the above little skit (hat tip}.

This proves beyond doubt how influential the significantly qualified Derek has now gotten. He's had a protest song. And this is one of the best efforts yet at undermining ... anyone.


Anonymous said...

We all know that it is in fact Derek Draper who has been calling and bullying Hilton!

Chris Paul said...

Do we? OMG that thought never crossed my mind. How embarrassing.