Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alex Hilton Vanishes Dolly Mixtures: Shame on Him!

Alex Hilton has vanished his Labour Home posts complaining of a mysterious back channel challenger. We're not bound by whatever post-rationalisation "clean up" deal the comrades may have signed up to, or word of mouthed. Initial threat, further threat. We've also saved the pages, so less of the Google cache flushing.

Taking down stories that dozens/hundreds link to is not the way to play the game boys. What's done is done. Put the past behind you by all means. But for goodness sake don't break my links!


Anonymous said...

Alex pretty much lost me when he wrote a preposterous story about the Grassroots Alliance doing a deal re the General Secretaryship (his story also prompted some outrage from a few sockpuppets in the comments). Nothing from him would surprise me.

Anonymous said...

And there is Hilton and Dolly, both especially odious individuals only saved from being completely odious by virtue of not being Called Vaz, are the first to whine and cry like little girls when someone else like Mrs Dale or Shit Staines change a thread even a little.

Chris Paul said...

Mmmm, anon. Taking down a whole post following a dispute is perhaps not the same category as teaking and fettling. Alex took one down over the Dorries story if you recall. And Staines has taken posts down also.

I imagine in this case that Derek made his future good behaviour conditional on posts being pulled.

Alex also employed a fancy lawyer when that former anarchist-socialist-cum-Tory threatened him ...

Alexander Hilton said...

@Matthew Stiles:

I may have lost you but that was true. Ask Tony Dubbins or John Wiseman - they did the deal.

A backroom deal that I thought deserved to see the light.

Don't you?