Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thatcher Mater Led: They Fuck You Up Your Mum and Dad

Iain Dale is crowing like a complete cock HERE. Demanding in essence that Derek Draper apologise to him for his conflating "racist" or "apologist" with giving Carol Thatcher the benefit of the doubt. In his student union hack way Dale is slightly right of course. There is quite a difference between giving someone the benefit of the doubt and stating categorically that they were wrong, or right.

I know this only too well myself. And to be blunt Dale was a complete arse over that case. Draper-esque you might say.

I've left a comment, because I'm agreed with Papa Lazarou (above). We think Dale should be watching the example of the temporarily grown up Draper and Hilton and
meeting his foe half way:

At February 19, 2009 10:39 AM , Blogger Chris Paul said...

Well Iain, you're not actually one to apologise yourself now are you?

You would facilitate Derek's hatrick if you now explained what you feel about Carol Thatcher's outburst with the benefit of hindsight and better information. Now you know she was:

(a) in drink, possibly wildly so
(b) a repeat offender
(c) double whammy rhymed with frog
(d) referring to an artefact, yes; but also a real live human being; clearly at least a lickle bit racist on anyone's spectrum

Can you help Derek here? Will you?

I blame the parents. They feck you up your mum and dad ...

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Anonymous said...

Keeping myself anonymous deliberately here...

I notice that Iain's quietly deleted the above comment you made on his blog. Wonder why?

Chris Paul said...

No idea anonymous, none whatsoever. Good job I kept a copy. I'll check my mail. Perhaps it all seemed a bit grown up for his liking.

Or perhaps he already had done what I suggested and I'd missed that?

I gave someone from Labour the benefit of the doubt once. Accused of homophobia and defamation essentially. Found guilty in fact in the magistrates court - summary justice with no proceedings published and sometimes liable to mistakes I've observed.

So I insisted on the right to appeal and was not a little horrified at several opponents who seemed to want to dispense with that legal nicety.

Like Iain I didn't have enough of the facts or even the specifics of the allegations at my fingertips. But unlike Iain when the appeal was exhausted (presumably), when there was a second guilty verdict, where evidence was on the record, I acknowledged this and that I'd been wrong.

Iain Dale cynically linked to much earlier post or posts - making me look worse than I was, unrepentant - rather than to the plenary post. All I'd done really was give someone the benefit of the doubt, though to my eyes at least that was a far, far more serious matter than Thatcher-gate.

Chris Paul said...

PS May be Iain's revenge for my accusing him of terrible bad taste for making a joke of a woman having a nervous breakdown ROF screaming.

His comment here.