Friday, February 20, 2009

David Ottewell: Comparing Apples With Oranges Blog-Wise

Even the initial ranking provided by Mr Ottewell doesn't look so bad for Mr Draper's Labour List in terms of traffic. After a few weeks - five or six say, compared with seven years say for Dale and Fawkes. And when one Jennifer Khan introduces some much-needed rigour and indeed numeracy we find that Labour List appears to be doing incredibly well.

Extraordinarily well considering it is just 5-6 weeks out of the box. Apparently only Guido Fawkes is getting a higher ranking overall, when like is compared with like. is by no means the last word*. And this is the honeymooon/first flush. Lots of inward links just now. Positive and negative. But still, this must be extremely encouraging for the team.

If they keep Derek's spats off the front page - they've done their job pretty well - and keep on keeping on, with their eye on the road ahead and not in the rear view mirror, then the LabourList project could be cutting through the crap more quickly than expected.

Hat tip to Iain Dale whose cheery tag line predates Jennifer's corrections. Iain will no doubt be (a) aghast* at the true figures and (b) first to congratulate Draper and the crew. Next up for over-taking will be Mr GuF. And, this is the funniest bit, GuF and Dale, not to mention yours truly and one or two others, are driving this traffic for Dolly!.

* In fact Iain is ranked around 3,500th in the UK, while Dolly is "only" about 5,500th. Dave's politics blog is sadly not disaggregated from the overall manchestereveningnews presence. That has very high traffic all told. Dave will be getting more these days as Iain Dale has taken to linking to any digs at Draper ...

** UPDATE Fri 09:28: In comments' at the DO Blog Matt Wardman points out some other, parallel universes to Alexa.Com where Labour List isn't doing quite so well on those blogstats.

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