Friday, February 20, 2009

The Disgraceful Smears Begin: Sir Allen and Lord Michael

"Sir" Allen Stanford KCN was presented with his (Antigua and Barbuda) decoration by one Sir James Beethoven Carlisle GCMG, boy scout, freemason, dentist; rather than "Really Useful" Prince Edward (who stayed in his seat) as Stanford claims in his propaganda. He got twatted by Stanford University for making up a supposed family connection to their founder too. A man who will fib about an Ivy League University in this way will fib about anything.

Whereas, my old schooly "Lord" Michael Ashcroft KCMG - boasting dual UK/Belize nationality - got his (UKGBNI), on a promise of good behaviour, relocation and paying his taxes, via Tory re-tread William Hague's repeated entreaties.

I'm not sure Sir Allen is linked with the Baron of Belize's turf or vice versa. Though both seem to offer the same rhetoric about wanting not to make money but rather to make things happen in their respective Island Homes. Sir Allen's actually being the US Virgin Islands, though he has dual US-Antigua citizenship.

Over at the NY Times there is at least one commenter who wishes to link the pair:

February 17th, 2009 11:24 am
This sounds even worse than the digusting Michael Ashcroft, the Baron of Belize, who used his ill-gotten wealth to essentially buy up a small impoverished nation for his own sordid purposes. What Americans don’t realize is that dirty billionares find it quite useful to take advantage of the benefits of international law by controlling tiny sovereign nations. Instead of invading Iraq we should be invading these tax laundering havens and cut off the smartest organized criminals at the knees.
— Posted by Mayblossom


Anonymous said...

When did Belize become an island?

Chris Paul said...

True anonymous. But I think you'll find that Lord Michael has an island home in Belize territory nonetheless. And loads of money on those other islands. But if I'm wrong I'm wrong. I'll own up. Belize is part of the Central American mainland - also a tasty location bank-wise - but Ashcroft has a fucking private island and is a fucking ne'er-do-well is my civilised analysis. Thanks to Lord Mandy for vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

He's also a "belonger" of the Turks and Caicos islands is Lord Sir Michael Offshore.

Anonymous said...

Attacking Ashcroft as a ne'er do well, or anyone for that matter, while using Mandelson in the same paragraph is true hypocrisy.

There is no-one involved in politics worse than the sleazy bunch that labour has managed to gather, and the electorate recognises this too.

You'll be telling us next that labour doesn't accept money from dodgy sources...ROFLMFAO!!

And you wonder why the polls show Labour in meltdown and looking, remotely mind, to be the third party in Parliament after the next election.

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