Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bullying of Recess Monkey: Draper Must Ride to the Rescue

UPDATE Thu 11:22: Vanished Links are Here.

Leading Labour blogger Alex Hilton of Recess Monkey and Labour Home fame has reported at the latter a further instance of attempted intimidation by some mystery thuggy. As yesterday I am recommending that Alex ropes in our new Stig of the Blog Derek Draper BA (Hons) VU Manch, MA (Berkeley-ish) to put these vile bullies to the sword. Early intervention along these lines might do some thing to repair Derek's damaged reputation. though it won't make Derek's Downfall (above) any less funny. You've gotta laugh.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately bullying is the first response for too many people in the Labour Party when confronted by something they don't agree with. I have seen too much of it within a previous party I was a member of and this is just the same behaviour,

Chris Paul said...

Yes, but this isn't "in the Labour Party" in any official way. It's a maverick acting alone.

Tom said...

Yeah, only people who hold Labour opinions can be bullied.

Anon, you're a f*cking idiot.

Give me your lunch money, NOW.

Chris Paul said...

Oo-er. Please don't raise your voice again in that way young Miller!