Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lord Truscott: Joins Lord Taylor of Blackburn on Candid Camera

Lord Truscott has been on candid camera. But if he's found guilty of lobbying and amending for cash will he take anyone down with him? And will the likes of Ashcroft, Laidlaw, Paul (no relation) and Foster sort out any tax exile issues? Or just leave the scene gracefully.


Anonymous said...

Any news on the Flying Lion debacle yet?

Chris Paul said...

Not just yet. But I hear the owner of that fine feathered friend of an off-shore company donating to British Tories, under at best a breach of the spirit of the guidance, is in the frame for defenestration from the Lords.

For being a lying, tax avoiding, offshore vulture capitalist. Having made a liar of Hague and Cameron to boot. The swine!