Friday, April 17, 2009

Derek Draper: Whole Thing is a Self Aggrandisement Exercise

Most days LOL read the "morning paper" (inky edition) in the evening. Yesterday it was 10 pm before G2 was perused. Dolly Draper has an unpaid full page advertisement in this for his (probably*) crappy book. The day before there had been a two-page advertisement with the bum fluff stumblebum's picture the size of an album sleeve.

Nevermind the Tories and Fawkes milking this problem for their own end. Derek Draper is milking it ... to sell his blooming book for barmy baby boomers. It's hard to imagine that he could care less about the People's Party and working people.

He is milking a scandal to take more money off Middle Class people who feel a bit sad sometimes. He'd rather be at the centre of things, as a self-defining rogue, liability and clutz, than do what's right.

* Probably, probably, probably. Boycott it. Or wait for remaindered stock. And cast offs - four for £1 - in Help The Aged, Wilbraham Road.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Probably? The reviews are ... unkind.

Chris Paul said...

"Unkind" OTC ... you yourself are being too kind.

Paul said...

It's important to note that the prmemier charity bookshop in Chorlton is actually Oxfam's. My mum used to run it. No wait, it won't be in there then.