Saturday, May 16, 2009

Erith and Thamesmead Hustings: Your Vision Song Contest

It's almost time! Those members of the 250-strong Erith and Thamesmead constituency Labour Party selectorate who have not already voted by post, for the second time in many cases, will be having a "last meal" before this afternoon's Erith Vision Song Contest. But will the new voting system see fair play and a return to the "best song wins" days of yore?

How many more of this selectorate will have been signed up for postal votes after the extraordinary Victoria Street "Burglary" and desecration of the sacred cardboard ballot box?

In particular will the 50 or so expected "non-combatants", or abstainers if you'd rather, have been roped in by the dark forces of Labour First, or CLPD/CLGA for that matter? Will the latter group, us "pinkos" if you must, finally stop muttering angrily and flex the rules alongside their more market-mediating sistren and brethren?

Will PV holders who have not yet voted realise that they can toddle down and deliver their ballot paper without being required to sit through the three or four hours of hustings?

Will there be any tactical delaying tactics or overly prompt starts to include or exclude the known members of certain gangs?

Will Stephen Twigg and Peter Wheeler and Tessa Jowell and other humble volunteers be providing polling day lifts for this very purpose?

Here are links to LOL's more recent E&T coverage, for last minute revision, and post-match revisionism, not to mention a resource for any ensuing legals ...

Trouble Shooting Series

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Number 2: How the Selection Road Map Applies to Erith and Thamesmead
Number 3: The Bluffer's Guide to the Freakery, 3-All Draw
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Number 6: the PV "Ramp" Explained


The Nepotistas: Daughter of Gould joined by "Daughter" of Obama
Facts Aren't Sacred, Comment Isn't Free

Runners and Riders

Cllr Marianne Alapini - Kensington and Chelsea Council, already PPC in Woking
Ms Emily Bird * - Cancer charity PR and Former Orpington PPC
Cllr Angela Cornforth - Greenwich Council, Teacher, IDeA Consultant
Ms Georgia Gould * - Post Grad Student, and beloved daughter
Ms Melanie Johnson - ex-MP and Government Minister
Sister Rachael Maskell - Unite the Union official
Teresa Pearce * - Former Bexley Councillor
Cllr Dr Jagir Sekhon OBE - Greenwich Council, Honorary DLL

Links are all Google searches on quote-firstname secondname-quote plus Labour in three starred cases where international cyclists, fashion models or others were returned.

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