Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jacob Rees-Mogodon: Eton Chump in News Again for Muppetry

Our Exclusive Expose of Jacob Rees-Mogadon's spell check perfect illiteracy and arrant innumeracy didn't get a single comment here. But it has been picked up by the regional press. The Western Daily Press in particular, even naming LOL as an "influential" blogger! Even ran to an Editorial. Here's their take on that plagiarism from Trevor Kavanagh of The Sun.

Perhaps they'll come back to this and run the real story - about what is either Jacob showing off his innumeracy, odd for a hedge fundie, or being utterly dishonest. In fact Jake's dad William had such a reputation for shoddy financial predictions that he was known as "Mystic Mogg". I'll blog about that again with the specific problems with his maths later.

FOOTNOTE: LOL didn't name the "author" revealed in the Microsoft document and named by the WDP. She is the lowliest of the various Non-Poxbridge "potted plants" in Jacob's hedge fund LLP's operation. But as he's got a history of blaming one of her colleagues for the last gaffe, and it does "look like" she wrote the thing, we do think it's possible that JRM could go the scape goat route once more.

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