Thursday, May 07, 2009

Question Time Preview: Another Car Crash For Nadine?

UPDATED 21:47: Last time Nadine Dorries MP was on Question Time (above) in her native Merseyside the consensus was that it was embarrassing car crash, or Stansted Plane Crash, telly. The raving mythomaniac is on again tonight. She may get a further opportunity to spout about Smeargate, given Derek Draper's belated resignation. The pair of them have a lot in common if you ask me. The BBC have an hour's delay in which they can remove any and all defamatory twaddle and fibs she may come out with. Where is her legal action up to we wonder?

There is every chance that as a well-known former Nurse - albeit one who doesn't know her hustera from her ginglymus - Nads will be expected to have an understanding of H-1-N-1-A aka Swine Flu. But alas dear Nads is nowt but an ex-SEN, State Enrolled Nurse, the type that used to drop out of formal training after just one of the three or four years required for State Registered Nurses (SRNs) then as now.

She'll be out of her depth. Drowning not waving. I can't bear to watch. In fact I'll be popping out to the Irish Association Social Club on High Lane to watch Calvin Party, below with "Broken Flowers", and others entertaining. Bassy Kathy is an old friend of the family. Darwen tomorrow, Liverpool on Saturday. Perhaps catch Nads on the i-Player later.


Jamie Potter said...

If last time was a car crash, this time was akin to two planets colliding in slow motion.

Trident isn't a weapon of mass destruction? Oh dear.

Chris Paul said...

I look forward to taking a look tomorrow.

Nadine Dorries is a Raving Mythomaniac - pass it on. There is a very high percentage chance that anything she says is not quite true.

Chris Paul said...

PS Or utterly stupid.

Chris Paul said...

And what's more she still hasn't even announced on her blog that her eldest daughter Pippa Storm has become her top parliamentary employee after a few months dossing around in shit jobs. And she apparently wants MPs pay doubled and all the expenses scams retained. Way way out of her depth. Sorry Nadine. But you should stop pretending.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter a toss.

Because what the punters will remember about today is Lumley pulverising Woolas and news, in the Daily Telegraph, that everyone in the cabinet up to and including Brown is scamming.

The whole caboodle on Labour MPs is going to follow over the next few days.

Can the Lib-Dems put it over you on 4 June? How much can the BNP take out of you lying thieving scumbags?

septicisle said...

She wasn't too bad until the Trident question came up - then she went completely off the deep end.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Septicisle. "Wasn't too bad" is faint praise. Hardly the Blue Riband. She should be grounded by Cam. If he has any control whatsoever over her and her runaway "look at me" fibbery.

And Anon 01:20 - the electorate won't be remembering Mr Woolas and Ms Lumley's imperfect discourse, they'll be remembering that since 1997 it has been Labour changing and improving the rules for Gurkhas (and indeed Commonwealth soldiers more generally) and that as Robert Peston stated on Radio 5 at tea time yesterday the Banking Recovery is going to be the stuff of legend.