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Iain Dale/Nadine Dorries Love In: Sucking Up to Dave Cameron

Iain "Hissy Fit" Dale stuck up for his little chipmunk's co-conspirator Caroline Flint when Michael White suggested she'd had a "hissy fit". As seen on BBC HIGNFY! Iain, and Eve Pollard, suggested the expression was "sexist", and Iain suggested Michael White would not use it about a man. Whitey immediately outed Dale for having one. Touché.

Anyways. Iain is not hissy fitting when it comes to another hissy fitter silly. woman MP of his acquaintance. As seen in Private Eye! I'm not sure why Iain Dale cannot manage a web link on a Blackberry? Is it the device or the useful eejit driving it that is the constraint? But anyway, he's not actually linked to this bog-standard raving mythomaniac drivel from chippy Nadine. Self aggrandising, sucking up to David Cameron, dissing Gordon Brown.

Here's a wee sample, as we're in piss taking mood:

I also noticed how much David listened and asked our opinion; and more importantly, how much he took it on board.
Can you imagine Brown doing that? Asking the opinion of anyone other than himself? Can you imagine him questioning his own, and evaluating other points of view? It is a lack of arrogance which makes that quality possible. It's a quality essential in someone who needs and wants to take people with him.
And yet, there is a ruthlessness also. Apparent in the way he can evaluate every thread of information, come to a point of view and have the strength to carry through his decision, if he knows it's what needs to be done. I would never make the mistake of underestimating him.

And he, Nadine, will never now make the mistake of over-estimating you. As soon as the expenses audit and full, unmediated publication of your hooky allowances comes you'll be toast. Not the toast, just toast. What he may have called French Toast, or Pain grillé français, and you perhaps called "Eggy Bread".

Scouse Socialist has Nadine figured out:

It's a sad day when working-class people from Liverpool abandon their roots and side with the party that has suppresed them for all those years and opposed every single piece of progressive social and constitutional reform of the last century- NHS, minimum wage (both of which many Tories still long to scrap!), votes for women, reform of the House of Lords, devolution, votes for the working-classes, etc. The icing on the cake is of of course aligning with racists in the EU! Few people from your home city think like you- Shame on you nadine! Cameron will show his true class roots once in power and look after the wealthy and privileged, as Tory leaders have always done - it's in their DNA! Sounds like Cameron's schmooze is working a treat on some people!

Here's what I suggest to Iain, though how long it'll survive in the comments there I don't know:

Blogger Chris Paul said...

Nadine is NOT REALLY a product of a Liverpool council estate. She used to say (basically yet another outrageous lie!) she was born as a council tenant. She pretended she was dressed from the Sally Army. She pretended Grandpa Bargery delivered Tory propaganda from her pram. Don't believe a word she says Iain!

In fact as far as I can see Nadine moved to a council estate when a long-time and secure private tenancy that covered her primary and middle school years came to an end. For some reason. Possibly the particular chosen location to game the education system? I'm not sure about that.

Did this dinner take place in Nadine's "main home"? No, I didn't think so. She doesn't really have one. And sucking up to David Cameron will not do her any good when the independent audit and the proper publication of vouchers and claims comes along in a few weeks.

I'm surprised that David Cameron is (a) allowing her to continue blogging her twaddle (b) supping at the same table. Nadine is a loon, a serial fibster, and an expenses nightmare.

Second Tier Nurse
Doggy Fashion Table Drier?
Honest and Precise? Troops belittler more like.
Serial Nepotista

June 13, 2009 12:00 PM


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