Friday, September 18, 2009

Strange Bedfellows: Loony Sub-Fash and Sub-Continental Brides

Flurried posts last evening from young Mr David Ottewell - the MEN's Chief Reporter - include this one reporting that the Home Office have batted Manchester's request to stop the EDL - standing for "English Defence League" - gathering in Manchester over to the Greater Manchester Police. And they'll play things by ear. You can however sign a letter to the Home Secretary at Hope Not Hate, who are specifically claiming the Police are opposing the EDL plan. Well they might.

"Football fans are being recruited to join protests against Muslims. How worried should the authorities be?" asked the Guardian. After a funny old protest, which LOL covered here before, C4 report above, in Harrow. Good question. They're a funny lot. Not ha ha ho ho funny you understand. But you know, oh no funny.

In Harrow the nearest thing they had to a spokesman (pictured above) said the following:

"Nothing. There is no group. None of us are involved in any political group at all. In fact I'm a Tory. I'm a Tory."

Their web presence is very odd indeed. Though on the surface, not so much, very odd wise. No advertising. Just polo shirts. And a certain amount of incitement to dislike, whether mild, medium, hot or vindaloo, to taste. Or perhaps an omelette and chips, sir? They've sold about 30 or so polos in the last 24 hours, here. The site makes it very very clear - if you know where to look - that they're, you know, nice and also, er, reasonable and, ahem, not racist and what's more they're not even against Islam.

It's militant Islam they don't like and, very obviously, being nice, reasonable, not racist and not even against Islam as a whole they act accordingly. Getting together big clumps of clotted lads - it's always lads, some Tory lads at that - and shout and scream in the general vicinity of random mosques. Neighbourly it's not.

Skinhead football hooligans welcome. Fixture list here. And EDL may well set their activities to suit that other fixture list. And any old or new mosque will do. So do they think any mosque at all is "militant"? Is that it? Is the only form of Islam they could bear to accept the kind that is invisible, virtually unpracticed, indistinguishable from the general run of spiritual apathy and non-observance of anything much cultural?

If that's it it doesn't stop them being renounced by their fellow travellers from "STIE". The EDL do have some organised self-outed wingnuts in tow of course. Cover of a sort. These STIE folk also claiming to be seven shades of serene. They ban political parties. Not sure they realised they would be banning the Tories with this rule! But they don't recognise any moderate flavour of Islam. But even they can't maintain their cover story.

They are apparently ready to go the full nine yards, eyeballs twitching asymmetrically, trying hard not to step like the proverbial goose. For this STIE lot - the Stop The Islamification of Europe (main page) massive - it's a case of all god fearing Muslims - mild, medium, hot or extra hot - having it in mind to subject us - nothing fearing nothings all - to Sharia. Daniel Pipes cannot be far away.

You can see their spokesman Stephen Gash in the video above. And herewith, grabbed, tucking in to his 15 minutes. The STIE website I'd say probably betraying more festering ooomph than that of EDL. Though paradoxically it is the - disowned by the BNP - EDL that seem to actually pose the greatest threat of disorder. Though they blame the UAF Trots - Dave Cameron and all! Those Tories, having it both ways!

A real threat - whoever may be advertising in the hidden depths of their website and forum. Perhaps someone at EDL could make some introductions? The international mail order brides and grooms, mostly brides is the impression, of could speed date with a fellow advertiser - found over on the search page.

The alleged 800,000 a year or elsewhere it says 1.8 million in all rumpy pumpy "single professional" yet free at the point of use encounters of Markus and his not entirely monagamous-sounding concept.

Make love not war. Feel the spirit move you. Alhamdulillah!!

UPDATE 08:41: A few textual tweaks.

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