Thursday, July 22, 2010

Manchester Grafitti: "Cameron and Clegg, What a Pair of Twats"

Lib Dem councillors elected in Manchester on the back of ridiculous lists of supposed urgent environmental reports have a lot to answer for. One kid - who claimed amidst smearing his opponent to be the "local" candidate and to work in the ward but actually lived mainly IN LONDON where the whelk was a full time student - claimed to have reported *something* in every single street on the patch. *Anything* at all, but *something*, reported for every street whether the street wanted it or not. 500 reports in all claimed.

Call it anal. Call it childish. Call it ridiculous. Call it OTT. But consider this .. the above grafitti, and at least a handful of other instances in the same hand, have been extant in the vicinity, oooh, for about ten weeks now. They'll say anything to get elected and then comrades they think it's job done. It's a disgrace. Vote Clegg get Cameron. Vote VAT rise is ridiculous, get VAT rise. Vote no to Labour cuts, get Condem slashings. And locally? Vote grafter get slacker.


bechilltory said...

what a surprise,the misogynist blogger adorns his blog with an offensive sexist word.Im sure that those Leftie types who go around doing this type of graffito will have written something with a similar sentiment but without the sexist wording that you could have used
With such a patronising attitude towards women its no wonder the reactionary parties leadership candidates are Diane and the four posh boys!

Dick the Prick said...

Own up Chris - this is in your shed innit?

Chris Paul said...

bechilltory - can't even spell your own name? you utter tool .. or are you an imposter?

please put up some examples of our alleged misogyny or withdraw this vile calumny immediately

and do it soon, it really is about time to put up some barriers to anonymous commenters such as your good self

as my old dad told me "twat" is a word for a goldfish that is "ripe" i.e. carrying eggs

I am sure that this is what the grafitti artist had in mind anyway; elsewhere these parties are called scum and liars and so on, but they clearly do resemble ripe fish gawping and blowing bubbles more than pond scum

exponents of the other use of this term to which you refer include the vile feminist mysogynist Germaine Greer

here is an inconclusive discussion of this (the chap from the Goldfish Society of Great Britain is correct).

Paul Ankers said...

If you could let me know its location, I will get it reported and get a photo of Victor pointing at it for our regular Focus leaflets. We do work all year round you know.
thank you to benchill tory. The sexist word will mean it gets cleaned up quicker. Not from this blog of course.
Although in some households the word 'Clegg' is offensive, that is more subjective a matter.

A psychologist and icthyologist writes.... said...
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Chris Paul said...

Not prepared to put up with anonymous smears from David Hennigan and his ilk. Sorry. The IP address (North of Manchester) will be outed pretty soon my friend. Just cut it out.

If you are going to make groundless accusations you need to have the guts to identify yourself so that readers know where you're coming from and so that you can be held to account.

Yes, I crit anonymous cowards who make substantive allegations and serious smears. Including against third parties who are not "on my side" as it were. Obviously I am far more tolerant of people who don't make anonymous smears against named people. They can slag off other anonymous people though. They don't get or need any protection.

"Twat" is in general use as a mild insult meaning fool, idiot etc. Like twit (of which it may be a variant), pratt, twerp and others. Several of which also have fishy permutations. As a genital reference it is generally considered to be very mild cf dick, prick, tool, tube.

Words can have several meanings and it is facile to impose the worst possible meanings on innocent banter. Some people constantly say "fuck off", "piss off", "fucking this", "fucking that". They say "shit" and "bollocks" and so on and so forth.

Here's a little secret .. these people are NOT referring literally to sex acts, genital components, micturation or excretion. These are "woody" words that people like to use and so they get used. Including by butter wouldn't melt in their mouths TUBES (a delightful unsex number which is in the regular argot of 'Derry) like Cllr Paul Ankers, John Leech MP, David Hennigan Esq and the large majority of people at large.

For example Paul Ankers was witnessed visually and aurally making a telephone conversation, thought to be with John Leech, referring to the people of Chorlton in general as "bastards" because they wouldn't come to the door to talk with him.

I do not think Ankers meant that those concerned were literally born out of wedlock. The word has become a mild expletive distanced from its original meaning. Things change. And we're not holding this against the chump.

Personally I don't find this language at all offensive in private conversations and the like, though clearly it can be offensive in some contexts and rightly gets closed down in those.

An irreverent blog is not one of those contexts. And of course the Lib Dem leader du nos jours (David Cameron) famously used the "twat" word live on radio and VT'd to boot. He meant fool, idiot, twit etc as you well know.

We forgave him.

Chris Paul said...

By the way .. Paul Ankers .. this particular Graffiti is NOT within your ward boundaries. I have no idea whether there are instances in Chorlton Ward but these examples are in two or three others wards.

It is a FACT that "LSE Victor" has stopped or at least slowed down his absurd over-reporting of nonsense. He is participating on the "rat boy" side of the civil wars afflicting the Manchester Lib Dems. Implosion is imminent. The leadership have lost control and the group is split not so neatly down the middle.

People in Chorlton are capable of reporting problems themselves. If these are NOT dealt with suitably after a citizen report there is a job for elected representatives at that stage. Usually by a better route than nuisance calling EoC 500 times. Infantalising the public is not the way to behave. It's juvenile. Empower people.

Dick the Prick said...

Just for the record - I was having a larf. Strange choice of graffiti though, got to be 1st year 6th formers you'd think.