Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nadine Dorries: Please Throw The Expenses Book at Her, Redux

The Rambler blogged what amounts to a follow up (23 July) to my blogpost and comments about Nadine needing the expenses book thrown at her (19 July). The Rambler makes a request to IPSA that they provide the Mum-P with a replacement. With an amusing suggestion for the financing of this measure, in this age of austerity.

Carelessly allowing a tornado to whisk the 74 or 123 page guide and scheme booklets through a waiting window - as she describes. I think she threw it, don't you dear readers? I don't know mind. No proof. Apart from the physical sciences. But that's my opinion. Some of Nadine's sockies think different. They've put up a bit of a fight in comments. But not much.

Ms Nadine has been on her feet in the house quite a bit these last few days but has probably surpassed many of her very best efforts today with what might well be highly defamatory attacks on a named company and a named individual too. Clearly parliamentary privilege protects the ridiculous and I rather think untrue remarks in her ludicrous and torturous speech. But if they were uttered anywhere else? That would be different. Compare (04 February 2010, itself based on an earlier document) and Contrast (this afternoon in parliament).


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Mrs Dorries will be as quick to respond to my letter to her, asking her to confirm that she has now replaced the guidance AND read it, as she is demanding of others on the floor of the house.
What a squalid woman she is.

Chris Paul said...

Some would say Rambler at this point that we don't know the half of it. Thoough such as do might not understand the power of patient desk research and numerous well wishers.

In my experience Ms Dorries is not very good at keeping up with correspondence, though if you are a constituent you may have better prospects.