Sunday, January 28, 2007

Adele's Labour Blog: Looking Groovy

Adele's fabbo new look blog has this concerning the political hard sell that would be street parking charges to midnight in Manchester's City Centre.

The forces of parking and transport and air quality management may eventually win the day but my prediction 13a would be:
These forces will be sent homeward - to think again. Possibly on their trusty bikes.

Part of my comment:

The MEN has got a bit pathetic and suggestible and manic. And the Lib Dem councillors have tried to mislead everyone. The partying Tory Rob is just ignorant or addled.

Most developments have parking.

There is a fantastic overnight garaging option at low cost for CC residents (£7-£10 per week).

And there is a new car club which is excellent.

Parking charges are part of the weaponry of congestion and pollution avoidance and passenger transport enhancement.

Some residents and workers and visitors will prefer this scheme to greater congestion charges.

OBVIOUSLY: I'm so excited about this that I've blogged it twice. Which do readers prefer?

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Manchester University Labour Club said...

Glad you think the blog is looking good. Have also decided I like Chorlton. Its quite trendy and gentrified.