Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nasty Party: Funny Game of Doctors and Nurses

Kevin Maguire carries on the good fight against the wallpaper heir, future Baronet and former Buller Bully Boy Sir George GOO Osborne:

George Osborne has appalled fellow Tories with a sick jibe about another shadow chancellor.
Moderates in the party revere Iain Macleod, who suffered a heart attack just weeks after entering the Treasury when Ted Heath became PM in June 1970.
But that did not stop Osborne making fun of him at an event organised by the Policy Exchange think-tank.
The shadow chancellor said: "I'm a great admirer of Iain Macleod but I'm not planning to die within a month of becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer."
It is not the first time Osborne, who changed his first name from Gideon to sound less posh, has caused massive offence.
The wallpaper firm heir branded Gordon Brown "autistic" at the Tory party conference two years ago.

The Tories are always at this sort of thing with Iain Dale throwing about mental health diagnoses like confetti.

As Iain the patient argued Diabetes Can Be Beaten. The question is: Can Tory joshing and gybing based on medical complaints and amateur diagnoses be shown the road too?


Newmania said...

He doesn`t seem quite human though does he and there are some very odd stories circulating about his behaviour recently confirmed by Clarke. Still if Brown is charmless and sour he gets a hearing .
I seriously hope Milliband succeeds him because everyone detests him..far far more actualy .

Chris Paul said...

"He" here meaning? Kevin? GOO? Brown? Dale? Mmmmm. Probably Brown you mean.

Clarke of course is a bitter man. And that is not just his choice of beverage.