Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whacko Waterson: Family Get Ducks in a Line

I'm not sure I'd have called this one "cleared". I think I'd have said Dave Cameron's mate has rather escaped by knocking his family's stories into shape like a proper authoritarian.

Nigel Waterson says he is going to complain about "heavy handed policing" which in one of those brilliant accidents of symmetry is more-or-less what he was accused of himself.

There are two ways for the story to go now. One, most likely, all the complaints and the like are quietly dropped, quite soon. Two, Nigel Waterson is found to have been completely wronged by the powers that be. Smoke without fire. Nothing to see here. Teenagers who said "and it isn't the first time" found to have been wrong several times over. Hurrah.

Faraz "Buzz" Bhatti's formal complaint of police heavy handedness has it seems evaporated. This was from when he was cautioned recently for inappropriate behaviour with his girlfriend at a carpark/lover's lane well known for dogging, car rocking and er, plane spotting.

Strangely enough the itinerant soul, who famously followed Tony Lit, Gurchuran Singh and Sajjad Karim into David Cameron's Conservatives, and is sadly parted company from wife and three kids at the "address of convenience" he uses for elections, has decided that discretion may be the better part of valour on this one. His pranks are already severely trying for the "personal vote" that is his excuse for not letting the electorate decide whether they want a Tory councillor, or not.

Iain Dale would appear to have turned off comments, links and the like on his strange assertion that Waterson has "been cleared".


jailhouselawyer said...

I noticed the not taking any chances with comments, therefore I blogged it myself, and like you I am not convinced he has been cleared. More like a done deal. The kids get brand new bikes or cars or whatever and Nigel Waterson will put it down on his expenses.

Chris Paul said...

Possibly. Or perhaps they'll come back in a few years' time for "office jobs" at the HoP? Ones they can do from wherever they're studying. Perhaps even from where they are on their gap year.

Anonymous said...

Surely stopping dad going to chokey for child battering is worth more than a bike or a job?