Monday, September 08, 2008

The Monday Cyril: Wonderful Hansard Freudian Slip

There is nothing like a reported Freudian slip from a formerly eminent politician to liven up a dull day. From 1981 this one is.

Here's one Mr Waddington, now a Lord Waddington, then an honourable member, in early paragraphs of his opening speech protecting St Cyril Smith MBE MP's interests in maintaining cancer growth opportunities in Rochdale:

The House has had to wait a long time for this debate ... but at least the delay has allowed me better to inform myself about this difficult and important matter. In July, I visited TBA in Rochdale, a branch company of Turner and Newall Limited. The latter is one of the largest manufacturers of asbestos textiles in the world. I saw for myself how those problems are handled within industry. I am glad to see in his place the hon. Member for Rochdale (Mr. Smith), who also visited the firm on that day. I had thought that he would be putting his weight behind the candidate in Croydon today, so his appearance symbolises the importance of the subject for those who live and work in his constituency.
We are impressed by the great efforts that are made at lust repression at every stage of the manufacturing process and with the monitoring techniques used. It is interesting and gratifying to see the part played by the work force, who, certainly in that factory, come forward with valuable and constructive suggestions for changes in work practices to reduce further the risk of exposure.

Hilarity on the "putting his weight behind" comment no doubt. But it is their combined support for "great efforts ... at lust prevention" that caught my eye. The Liberals of course did take brief charge of Croydon West, while St Cyril was free to look after his factory bosses instead of going on the knocker.


Anonymous said...

never mind big Cyril,what about big Ivan?
He speaks his mind and then a leaked story about saucy messages from a year ago surface.
There is something very murky about the Brownite hold on your party

Anonymous said...

Given that RAP's Cyril Smith sex scandal broke in 1979 just before the general election, no doubt a dossier about the obese pervert was near the top of the pile of SIS briefings about wobbily allies and foes for the new Conservative cabinet to bargain with.

The British Civil Service, especially the Home Office, was a wonderful organisation back then. Long memories and good filing.

Not long to go for some more interesting stuff to be released under the 30 Year Rule.

Was David Waddington's 'Lust' reference a mere typo or was it a cheeky shot accross the buttocks to discipline an MP who could prove useful?

Senior police officers have let slip, when watering at Rochdale's 13th hole, some interesting insights into Cyril Smith's alleged lust suppression. Scurrulous rumours abound that Cyril was on the bromide to keep his spanking and testicle squeezing antics in check. How rude.

If all these shenanighans were some of the worst kept secrets in Rochdale for 20 years then the Great and the Good in the council, the local newspaper and the asbestos factory were very effective at keeping a lid on things.

Now then, are there any secret societies that know how to keep quiet and stick together at times of adversity?

Are there any ancient links to such secret societies and the Rochdale Observer, Turner Brother Asbestos and Rochdale Liberal Party?

Answers please on a rolled up trouser leg or male bare breast...

According to the cruel logic supported by some Rochdale Lib Dems and Lodge members, dying asbestos workers made their own bed to lie in, they were paid well and apparently knew the risks. But could Rochdale's 'Elite' really stomach a cover up over sex abuse?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who was around Rochdale in the 'seventies suspects Masonic influence in the town but the old boys were mostly harmless and not stupid enough to have Cyril as one of their bretheren.

Dodgy planning deals and odd happenings at the Town Hall were rife back when the flats and new market were being built. This was slap bang in the middle of Cyril's tight grip (ouch) on Rochdale. The mess that is Rochdale Town Centre is Cyril's real legacy.

Chris Paul said...

I'm glad to say I don't have much of a network into the East Lancashire Masonic Lodges. Dark satanic mills indeed.

But needless to say any pointers on which dramatis personae locally, regionally and indeed nationally among the Asbestos Supporters Society (ASS for short) were indeed Grand Wizards and the like would be most welcome. And of course Cyril was a Knight was he not? With a fair few going through his stable of neighing squires.

Have been spending my spare time charting Waddington - Smith - Rowen etc links of coincidence and anecdote. Hennighan will be in there somewhere too I've no doubt.

The main Tories I heard "paired" on these 70s/80s sleaze stories down the Press Club were not Northern MPs but some of the action certainly took place in Manchester and the Greater North ... allegedly.

Anonymous said...

Do they chuck out embarrassing masons then? Or would St Cyril have been able to hang on if he had been propositioned and accepted when he were thin?

Chris Paul said...

Ivan BHT? Has anyone published any of these "over familiar" texts he sent? And why on earth would the Brownies go after him anyway? He is one after all. Would suspect lobby hacks and Tories on this one as it goes.

Anonymous said...

A Freudian slip is using one word when you mean a mother.

Long standing member of the rolled up trouser leg brigade and Cllr is James Travis Gartside - always very supportive of Fat Man.

Anonymous said...

Labour Minister harrasses female civil servant and your sole contribution is to blame the lobby and the Tories.

As for Lewis being a Brownie - he has been making some very anti-Gordon remarks recently - one of the few that has actually publicly voiced any.

But never mind, he stays in his job while the young female civil servant gets demoted. It's obviuously her fault for provocatively not switching her mobile off.

So now, Chris, we can add you laughing off sexual harrassment as well as homophobia. You can put lipstick on a Labour blogger, but it's still a Labour blogger.

Anonymous said...

You could put lipstick on Cyril if you want Dave.

He'd still be an arrogant pig.

And a ball-bag groping, testicle squeezing, brown envelope grabbing owd bastard.

Someone really to look up to.

Rochdale must be reet proud.

Anonymous said...

Haha Anon,

"You can put a lipstick on a Labour blogger but it's still a Labour blogger..." CLASSIC!

Oh and what pervert Ivan did is nothing compared to the Labour Predator in Rochdale, according to the whispers.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dave. Can't you sleep?
If you're cold, throw another receipt on the fire. That should keep you warm.

And you shouldn't listen to those voices in your head. They will get you into all sorts of bother.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to comment on the 'Labour Predator' as I haven't a clue what that refers to?

Is somone in the Labour Party in Rochdale behaving like a predator or is it someone preying on Rochdale Labour Party?

Do tell. If it's the former, do you think there's the remotest possibility that Piss Crawl will report it? If it's the latter, do you think there's the remotest chance that he won't?

Either way, I sincerely hope that the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

Carry on like this Dave and you will get your botty slapped.