Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Northern Voices 6: Norman's Spodden Valley TBA

So, where did Storming Norman MBE's mystery Solicitor see grounds for action on grounds of defamation in this rather factual piece which simply states that Norman is an experienced young man and carries his clear statement that he has had "no financial or political interest in TBA (Turner Brothers Asbestos)". This item is what attracted Norman's scribble as featured in the last post.


Anonymous said...

In Peter Kay's observational spoofs of northern life there is an alleged dog shagger character called Keith Lard. Why does reading about Norman and Cyril remind me of Phoenix Nights?

Apart from dry ice, there is no smoke without fire...

Chris Paul said...

I hope you're not suggesting that Norman is an alleged dog shagger like this Keith Lard allegedly is? That would be 100% absolutely untrue and you know it.

Reminds me about a post I need to write about the hilariously hole-y history of Manchester Comedy in the programme for the upcoming Manchester Comedy Festival.

Peter Kay is there. But Norman and Cyril Smith are not. And Victoria Wood, Bernard Manning, Julie Walters, Frank Sidebottom, John Shuttleworth, Craig Cash, Henry Normal and Meera Syal are among those missed out.

Smoke without fire is actually more common than you think, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Quite right Chris. Definately no dog shagging.

Ball squeezing, bare arse slapping, late night visting of vulnerable youngsters? Yes.

Big black holes in local Liberal Party finances? Yes.

Bullying, intimidation, lies against ordinary decent people? Yes.

Rave-On DJ, Bombay Bad Boy shennanighans? Yes.

As for dog shagging? Don't think so.

There is however an amusing anecdote from Mike Harding the Rochdale Cowboy when he was courting. Whilst sat in front room with his new girlfriend's parents, the family dog starting licking its balls.

Mike made some small talk...
"I wish I could do that" said the spotty teenager.

His girlfriend's unimpressed father just looked up from his newspaper and replied

"give him a dog biscuit, he might let you".