Monday, November 16, 2009

Rochdale Libdemologists: Rowen Quaffs as Rochdale Sinks in Mud

Over at Paul Rowen MP - News we have another unfortunate juxtaposition (screengrab, above) and we happen to know that an anonymous comment has been submitted. In fact we typed it in ourselves. But knowing our own words may well get binned unread - for some reason - and won't even get the classic Hennigan furious riposte any longer, we're anonymising it in plain view.

We feel it is vital to warn PR Paul Rowen that this is a major PR fail. What would happen if the papers got hold of this flaunting of champagne in the face of the jobless of Rochdale? Could the constructively dismissed Parliamentary Researcher Alex Webster have had mischief in mind when she filed the picture? Here's a sample of the sample of the text that captions the picture of champagne Paul, quaffing while Rochdale town centre fails:

Paul Rowen said: "My biggest concern about these new figures is the percentage of young people that are not in education, employment or training. It is simply unacceptable.

And here's LOL's "anonymous" comment on the same:

What a ridiculous photo to illustrate a "bad times" item. So here's some bad unemployment figures and some bad youth NEET figures too. And here's Paul Rowen swilling champagne. Come back Dave, all is forgiven. You'd have never allowed this wassive PR fail.

  • But - Rochdale Observer - that *is* "she" by the way, Alex Webster is not a man as you assumed in your political agent moider mystery piece, and now she's a woman scorned;
  • Observer speculation that Dave Hennigan may have been sacked over sharing a confidential letter of complaint with the subject of that complaint viz Malcolm Porn-O, proprietor of the failing Rochdale Online web organ, who incidentally gets 40 pieces of tax payer gold to produce Rowen's puff site, with collateral benefits in editorial nay advertorial, is a bit far-fetched;
  • Trying to smear a prominent ex-Labour leader with a decades old sex smear seems perhaps more serious and a more sackable offence;
  • Threatening to cut of Rochdale MBC advertising while shouting the odds at Rochdale Observer editors, and demanding retractions of a fair comment from the MEN Editor in Chief must also feel like another shooting-self-in-foot moment, bound to cause resentment that;
  • Perhaps promising that new Arts Centre, within a year, back in 2006 I think it was - or else no-one should ever vote Lib Dem again - was deemed a mistake? Especially when the way out of town location of the Gracie Fields Theatre had been a curious Sir Cyril Smith stitch up in times past;
  • Rolling up at Castlemere Community Centre as persona non grata and Rowen's fifth choice for substitute for a speaking engagement he was ducking, and some say the worse for drink, having already made a drunken exhibition of himself at the same Muslim venue berating Jack Straw and spoiling a nice moment for the Muslim community getting such an illustrious visit, may also be more serious;
  • Giving MPUK access to the Lib Dem printing press and office facilities to produce vile libels against Lorna Fitzsimons back in 2005 may also be on the charge sheet;
  • Complete failures over expenses claims, local party accounts, dodgy donations and local Lib Dem group tithes may also have contributed, Bananas, secret payments to region, ridiculous stuffing machines, secret payments for videos that never appeared, the Porn-O website contract, the hoarding at the sports ground on the tax, the over-priced adverts effectively funding party printing, all this may be in the Lib Dem play book but Hennigan was so clumsy with it;
  • And let's not forget the great mystery of the illicit Party Political working. Even the name "Agent" applied to several workers in the tax payer's remit indicates a craven abuse of tax payers' money. And exposing this in the party accounts was yet another fail. Not to mention showing off the contrived rent arrangements for the office;
  • The charge sheet is spinning out of control now. But allowing PR Paul Rowen to remain commercially associated with Corinya Holdings wasn't right now Dave was it? They're a local property company that rents offices to Rochdale MBC, that is responsible for lots of empty property. On which PR Paul has objected so very recently over rates treatment, yet with whom he shares a directorship and a shareholding in an overseas company. It's not offshore but it has been quite difficult to investigate.
  • This stance also potentially aiding and abetting the current owners of the asbestos dumps to whom Rochdale Lib Dems have been in hock for almost half a century and who may have the potentially biggest empty property rates bill in the North West;
  • Indeed, putting his now replacement Adam "The Power" Power up to defaming Tony Lloyd and saying he was suing his comrades in the Rochdale party, plus then having PR Paul "cock crew three times" Rowen deny Power was working for him, may also score more highly than a mere beytrayal of a strict confidence;
  • What's more, compiling a horrendous dirty tricks dossier on PR Paul's Labour rival Simon Danczuk and plotting with Malcolm Porn-O to see this published may also be considered more outre than some mere blabbing within the extended tax payer funded PR team;
  • And there's the old kebab and chips and cooking lager and vodka sojourns, sleeping in the parliamentary office, even getting police attention for extremely drunken slow motion shutter action and presumed burglary;
  • Interfering with local ward candidate selection to protect a wicked henchman may also come back to haunt PR Paul Rowen in the future. Essentially the team ruled out the memberships of some voters until their man got the win. Corrupt as fuck;
  • You can see the "solutions" picture in its full glory HERE though we wouldn't bet the farm on it being there for long.


    Anonymous said...

    it's not champagne, it's piss.

    Paul Rowen taking the piss out of Rochdale taxpayers.

    what a golden shower

    Anonymous said...

    Vintage "Shat-O swasont nerf" as they say in France.

    Anonymous said...

    Rowen looks like a waxwork dummy

    Anonymous said...

    Rowen's in the Daily Mirror today. He stands accused of digitally enhancing his gruesome features to try and make him appear normal to voters.

    Get Real said...

    Did PR Paul Rowen fall for the oldest PR trick in the book?

    Did he allow a PR agency to promote a commercial product by way of a supposed campaign issue?

    Airbrushing and models? Dove Soap's campaign for real beauty? Dove evolution?

    Is it really big news that this politician is a hypocrite if he allowed Malcolm Porn-o to airbrush the blemishes from his rosey cheeks?

    Anonymous said...

    Like Freddie Kruger...Dave is BACK !!!

    And has already had his comments moderated on Rochdale Online.

    Anonymous said...

    I think he moderated it himself, when this morning, he was praising the Lib Dems doing a good job of swithching on the Christmas lights , when it doesn't happen until tonight!

    Anonymous said...

    If Simon Danczuk is suing Rochdale Online for libel like Private Eye says then what is Malcolm doing compiling a dirty dossier? Anyone with eyes to see knows what Journeaux has been up to. Malcolm must have very deep pockets, supportive directors and a very understanding wife!