Friday, January 30, 2009

Paul Rowen MP: Who is The International Brother of Mystery?

Who on earth is this brother with brother Rowen (above)? Rochdale Alternative Website speculate about the MP's feeble excuses for not being at the Hennigan frog-marching event last Sunday. But although their caption suggests freemasonry afoot and draws attention to the very odd Rowen handshake, though not the pseudo masonic jewellry which could pass for mayoral in these parts, it does not name the man on the right. Can anyone help?

UPDATE Sat 14:13: It is WBro David Action who is also inevitably a big wheel in the local Rotary Club as well as one of the Rochdale Chapters of the hell's Angels Freemasons - hence the strange handshake. I believe he is Mr Big in beds. Meanwhile a Mr Mason is Mr Big in used cars. Both are long time associates of Paul Rowen for his charidee activity - mainly to do with orphanages in East Africa.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Didsbury West: Three-Horse Race With All To Play For

Paul Rowen MP probably won't pilot his own F16 as he lands on the good ship SS Strasbourg to declare the war over. But is it by all accounts a big day for him.

Meanwhile in Didsbury West we have a big day for four candidates with a council by-election that may or may not break the mouldy Leechy mould.

Anything can happen in the next nine hours.

West Didsbury - potentially the most Tory ward in the entire city - could return the comedic upstart Mr Bean.

West Didsbury - potentially the most cool headed and sensible and well-educated ward in the whole city - could return Labour's Dave Ellison, the philosophers' choice.

West Didsbury - already boasting little and large Lib Dem muppets as councillors - could add a third, even though she can't yet do joined up writing and candidly admits she's so useless that she'll achieve nothing if she is elected.

If the Tories make ANY progress this is good news for Labour's PPC Lucy Powell's upcoming assault on the seat.

Leech is there largely because Yasmin Zalzala (twice) and, having knifed her, himself borrowed a vast number of Conservative-minded votes. Any kind of recovery for them must be seen as good news. Hopefully not a win, but even that would see Leech and his muppet army on the run. Their majority is just the number of the beast plus one, 667. And that one ain't Leech as he STILL doesn't live in his constituency!

Obviously if Labour are rewarded for a hard-fought campaign with any kind of progress that too would provide evidence of the shaky ground John "Hospital Hoax" Leech could be buried in next time out. Clearly a win would be fantastic news for the people of the two Didsburys and Withington - currently with no representation other than misery mongers and let downs on the Council.

It is a big ask. But all power to Dave and Dave in unsettling and/or unseating the Lib Dems in Didsbury West and Manchester Withington. Off now to join the fray for most of the last nine hours of voting. Get yourself down here to lend a hand!

UPDATE 09:47/10:03: As one demented commentator told us in the wee small hours - with SEVEN, count 'em, posts in quick succession, kinda pretending to be different people - the Lib Dems held the seat with an increased share of the vote. There was no UKIP and the Tory vote somethingly collapsed. As did the Greens. Indeed one might argue that the more work the Tories do in this seat the less votes they get. Which is peculiar. Like their candidate. And their agent Adlard. Perhaps Bean's not the right man for the PPC role after all. Bring on Bhatti!!

Didsbury West has chosen to be represented by a councillor who told the people at the WDRA hustings - in which she trailed in a sad fourth of four - that as a councillor she'd be able to get nothing done whatsoever. But this is of course par for the course in a by-election where the incumbent have around 50% of the vote at the outset.

In an usual display of anxiety/commitment John Leech MP was on the patch all day. Taking numbers at polling stations well into the evening - which I'd have thought would've reminded people what a tosser he is - and lurching round the still benighted avenues. John Leech is a full time campaigner ... for John Leech. Smoke and mirrors and John Bull printing sets.

Paul "Slumdog" Rowen: Inexplicable on the Gaza Question

Not sure I understand the Paul "Slumdog" Rowen MP mission to Strasbourg which clashed with his existing commitment to compare oratory styles with George Galloway MP and the rest. That was on the 25th, last Sunday.

Press Release 048(2009) of the The Bureau of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, meeting in Luxembourg on 20 January agreed this statement. Click to enlarge. Here's an extract with CLRACoE remembering unlike Rowen/Hennigan to name check Hamas:

"The Bureau of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe welcomes the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip after weeks of fighting, and calls on all parties to the conflict to begin immediate negotiations for a lasting truce. The Bureau expresses its solidarity with the population in the Gaza Strip affected by the extreme military violence, which left more than a thousand people dead and thousands injured, causing unbearable suffering. It condemns the excessive use of force by the Israeli army and the blatant disregard for the civilian population caught in the fighting. It deplores furthermore the targeting of civilian and humanitarian infrastructures during the attacks. The Bureau also condemns the firing of rockets by Hamas into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, which killed civilians and only fuelled the conflict."

Not sure why Rowen needed to miss his big gig then? Never mind leave abrasive drunkard Dave Hennigan to sort out a substitute. Which factoring in hubris and stupidity and thinking all the Lib Dems elected reps are bad rubbish was almost bound to be himself.

Clearly there was a huge risk, as far as the organisers were concerned, that three strikes and you really should be out Dave would deviate from the script. The published script being after all the one cleaned up for the parliamentary website. Witnesses suggest he had been scribbling ad libs. No doubt to be augmented by his spur of the moment impulses.

Castlemere Community Centre had reason to be wary of Henni as he rained on their parade, making a drunken exhibition of himself, when Jack Straw was on a visit. The Ramadhan Foundation and all the other muslim organisations involved have their reasons too with his insensitive carve ups and brow beating legendary in the town.

So, as the The Bureau of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe already had a settled view by 20 January, and as the big meeting on Gaza is supposedly today, and as Hennigan is an embarrassing liability why did Rowen go on his jollies? Why would Rowen require "his" words to be read out? Why would he not forbid Hennigan being reader?

And why would Slumdog Rowen - who must have drawn down a million of taxpayers money by now, plus his two-job council crust for three years - why would he pile in so undiplomatically when his unreliable ambassador showed the tact of a potty rhinosaurus in a china shop, or for that matter Saint Cyril clumsily making speeches for vested interests?

CYRIL SMITH TRIVIA: Did you know that Sir Cyril shared an office for a time with John Prescott? Plenty of elbow room in there then! Though in fact Sir Cyril didn't bother going in to work. He literally could not fit in the lift. And the stairs of course were a no go area. So, far from "rushing home to Rochdale because he loved it so much" as an explanation for hardly any time spent in Westminster, he was continuously skiving off. Using the ridiculous excuse of his morbid obesity as flabby cover.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CORRECTION: Second Choice Substitute Cllr Angela Coric

MEA CULPA: Having been told by a normally reliable source that Cllr Angela Coric - who was it is said lined up as second substitute to read Paul Rowen's Gaza gloss - identified herself as 'asian' I repeated this as fact five in my list of ten facts, the other nine of which are AFAIK unblemished and undisputed. I am now told that Cllr Coric identifies as of Balkan heritage and apologise unreservedly to Cllr Coric for any offence at my error.

The correction came hand in hand with a good dose of unevidenced and potentially defamatory anecdote. While I must thank the anonymous donor for the correction, there's no thanks for the unsupported allegations which have now been removed. Though the incidents behind these remarks made the Obbie.

Once again my apologies to Cllr Angela Coric.

Handbags at Castlemere: Seconds Out, Round Eight

They're very naughty people. At Rochdale Alternative Website. And they've reproduced some of the insinuations and counter insinuations of the "stinking of alcohol" Dave Hennigan (right) versus the "hasn't submitted accounts" Mohammed Shafiq (laters). Most of which have been removed from Rochdale Online's forum ... presumably at Dave "free speech" Hennigan's demand.

An anonymous commenter has shown a very strong congruence indeed with the interests of the well known smelly pisshead, smear artist, dirty harrasser, libellist and liar Dave Hennigan. Paid for in all these endeavours ... by the tax payer. Though he's allegedly on a final written warning for gross misconduct. Comprising drunkenness, threats, harrassment and so on. Allegedly. And there's dodgy accounts to explain also, for the local Lib Dem Party. Not necessarily Dave. Though they say his political work would henceforth be covered by tax payers.

FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: The above picture was taken at a Manchester Irish Festival event when Dave Hennigan was actually an inappropriate Manchester councillor. It was not taken at Castlemere Community Centre when he finally became "calm" (like a baby) and "not saying much" (like a coma). After being an inappropriate ambassador for the Town's MP Paul "Useless" Rowen, and naturally the brewing and distillery industry also. Allegedly. We're looking forward to seeing the video tape!

Lord Toby Harris: Knows Blunkett and Soley, But Not Guilty

Lord Toby Harris (Labour) was approached by Sunday Times bods too, and he recounts their attempted grooming of his Lordship to bat for a Chinese retail concern. Lord Harris indicates that these people were clumsy and that these people kept trying to entrap him. He was suspicious. He even suggests that by cherry-picking through his various conversations with them they might have been able to smear him. These undercover journalists should be made to deliver every scrap of tape they have - including of their unsuccessful 'marks', and not just parts of the later incriminating tapes among the four they have put out. Then we'd hear the full "grooming" process. We'd hear any clarifications and caveats from the successfully solicited Lords and not just the cherry picked sound bites of guilt. We'd also be able to hear how the six or so who failed to take the bait actually behaved.

I'm not saying that some Lords and some MPs are not venal. Look at Archer and Black, and consider Laidlaw and Ashcroft. But the Times has got more than a little bit scummy these last few years. And I'm left wondering why they didn't follow through and get some of the Lords actually signed up.

Hat tip: Iain's Daley Dozen. Which Labour's FTB also wishes Blunkett well in his next matrimonials. But he's yet to admit that his insinuations about Lord Soley were a groundless flight of fancy.

Dizzy Thinks In A Spin: Are Many Home Office Flights Deportations?

Dizzy thinks he's caught the Home Office gadding about on lots of unnecessary flights. Looking in Hansard. But not thinking things through. I suspect that many of these flights will relate to returning over-stayers and failed asylum seekers and criminals. Including, perhaps surprisingly, a certain proportion of the domestic flights.

For fairly obvious reasons deportation and criminal repatriation flights are generally direct flights. Heathrow is the main hub for the nation. If you want to deport someone to Nairobi from Manchester, without a 12 hour wait in Dubai, you stick them on a plane to Heathrow first.

I expect Dizzy will now check this suggestion out.

Dave Hennigan and Gaza: More Like Sozzled Gazza?

Cllr Vera Hobhouse (Lib Dem) who is, at the time of writing, the Lib Dem PPC for Heywood - until Dave Hennigan gets his grubby mitts on it anyway - attended the Gaza meeting at Castlemere Community Centre. She was given the opportunity to read out Paul Rowen's statement but declined. At least two other approved substitutes had been lined up, both asian counillors in the local area, but they too became unavailable for the duty.

The arguments rage on at Rochdale Online's Community Forum though by the look of it some of Mohammed Shafiq's earlier and more forthright contributions have been spiked.

These stated quite coyly that Dave Hennigan's Demon Drink problem was an issue. As well as his behaviour. This led led to others (not Mr Shafiq) declining his kind offer to read and eventually having him removed. When he didn't accept their decision. These comments have been moderated out of existence. Which we presume is at Dave "Free Speech" Hennigan's request/threat to his good friend and drinking buddy Malcolm who owns the site. He has had my comments removed in the past on spurious grounds. He regularly threatens publications with writs, shouting "libel". In fact he is an arch exponent of smear, libel, harrassment and bullying. Perhaps this is what the Tax Payer wants when they - not the Lib Dems - pay £40,000 a year for a Constituency Manager?

Some of Dave's pals even have a pop at Mohammed for allegedly deleting his own posts. Yes, they are that vicious.

Vera doesn't mention Dave's state of sobriety or otherwise. He was perhaps drifting in and out of consciousness and close to a standing coma? She doesn't say. She says Dave was "was calm and said little". There is a photo of him being calm and saying very little at the foot of this post.

And although she hints that all is not well between Dave and the organisers (specifically nailing this on Shafiq, who did not AFAIK make the relevant decision) she does not mention why that is. Including how Dave Hennigan disgraced himself and spoiled a Ministerial Visit to the Castlemere Community Centre with drunken cat calling and the like.

Raining on their parade. Never popular. Perhaps there was a concern that he would not stick to the script in the state he was perceived to be in? Others have certainly suggested on the forum that he was a disruptive force and not a polite and diplomatic MP representative. But here's Wera:

Wera Hobhouse Beginner 13 Posts Posted - 27/01/2009 : 21:41:59

Sorry, I always come in rather late, don't have enough time for blogging. Here is my account of events. I went to the conference because I wanted to show my solidarity with the people of Gaza, my horror about the crimes to them committed by a community of people who themselves have been the victims of terror and racism- today is Holocaust Day-and my firm belief that this is not an issue of race or political creed, but of simple human outrage. I also went because I believe myself to be a friend of Shafiq (Mohammed), we supported each other during a year that wasn't particularly easy. I have respected Shaf for a lot of his views and what I thought he was trying to achieve through the Ramadhan Foundation. I also knew of course that there wasn't a lot of love lost between him and Dave (Hennigan).
We came into the main hall rather early and sat down towards the front, maybe the fourth row. People started to sit around us and when Dave and his girlfriend (?) turned up they sat down next to me and William (Hobhouse, Wera's hubbie). Dave said that he had Paul's speech as Paul was in Strasbourg. The event started with a reading from the Koran by a young boy which I found very moving and then an elderly orthodox Rabbi spoke making the interesting point between Zionism which was a more secular movement of Jewish people looking for an identity and the more fundamentalist orthodox belief that the Jewish people were always 'condemned' to live in the Diaspora- dispersed, without any homeland. I assume he was invited because he didn't believe in the State of Israel. Fair enough.
Then came a more 'militant' speaker, who seemed to be blaming the British for the trouble in Gaza and seemed to be calling for an end to ‘British colonialism’, saying something along the lines of ‘we British Muslims have to fight the British Government.’ I felt uneasy about that part of the conference.
After that the facilitator announced that unfortunately Paul Rowen couldn’t attend but that his speech could be found on the web and that there would be a break for prayers. At that point Dave Hennigan raised his hand and said that he had Paul’s speech and he could read it out, it would only take a few minutes. Who ever calls this heckling should look up the word in the dictionary. The facilitator replied that they would have to see about that because there was perhaps not enough time. Then everybody got up for a 15 minute break. Dave went to the front to speak to the facilitator. As Dave approached the facilitator, the facilitator eased Dave towards another man who escorted him towards the exit of the room (and, as we found out later, off the premises). As Dave left, we moved to the back of the room where we were chatting. John Murray then came to us to tell us that Dave was outside and was not allowed to come back in.
We immediately joined Dave and his girlfriend outside. Dave was calm and said little. John Murray started to argue with the doorman, the doorman said he would call the police, and William asked for Shafiq to come and explain what was going on. When Shaf came out he was uneasy and agitated and said that it was not only his decision that Dave was not allowed to speak. He offered me to read out Paul’s speech, but I declined because I had not been authorised by Paul. Shaf and John then had a rather unpleasant exchange of words. I was also somewhat outraged and disappointed and I felt that the behaviour of Shaf- or who ever had come to the stupid conclusion that Dave was not allowed to come back into the meeting- was completely against what I had thought was the spirit of this meeting bringing people together, showing solidarity against acts of injustice and intolerance. That is why I had come but I had obviously come to the wrong meeting which is why I left with Dave, his girlfriend and William.

The script which has now been published, which may or may not have been what Hennigan would have stumbled and/or shouted his way through, is available HERE.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Weak Conservatives: No Fourth is Full of Sock Puppets

I'd love to see the IP log of commenters at No Fourth. Their uniformity of style and vocabulary suggests the site owner is on a "vote early vote often" strategy. The thing is a feeble response to Go Fourth which features J Prescott and A Campbell instead of masturbatory youth, even too young to lick windows over at Guido's.

UPDATE 23:49: Another bi-partisan tag team - Dizzy and Jag Singh - have of course revealed that "No Fourth" is a rat living in the same dismal sewer as "Labourist". Which appears to make that nice Chris Birks (CF/BNP) bang to rights as the masturbatory youth commenting under countless identities on his own dirty work.

Conservative Future: 1. Hate Crime, 2. Madeleine, 3. BNP Blogger

Hats off to the weird but wonderful tri-partisan combo of Unity, Dizzy and Ireland (UDI) for work to track down the scallywags aping Derek Draper's LabourList site with the differently moderated passing off 'spoiler' Labourist.

Building on the U.D.I. collectivism came Unity's forensic foundations. Get those Birks' lined up in a row. And, moving swiftly on, a fine mausoleum is erected for the muddled lad's career.

Essentially the story has a young Nottinghamshire Birks who is a radio presenter, AND listed as a BNP member, AND blogging as a BNP activist, AND interestingly enough the regional Chair of Conservative Future.

Under the tutelage of the horrid nassy Donal Blaney this Conservative Future tribe really are getting disgusting. Hate Crime in Preston, Disgraceful Madeleine grooming in London/Staffs, and now this.

It's not like they'd be alright without these shenanigans. They're nasty Tories even if they toned things down a bit. Disguised the true nature of the Bullingdon and sub-Bullingdon beast.

And lest we forget: Young Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF was a young tory who admits to dabbling playfully with the dark side of fascism. While Dave Hennigan was a young tory who dabbled with the dark side of Hush Puppies.

Cyril's Rochdale Observer: Finally Telling It Like It Is?

The Rochdale Observer gets a lot of stick for its bias in protecting the reputation of Old Sir Cyril Do Not Touch Me! - heard many a day down at Spotland I'll be bound - when they should really be spilling the beans on his gruesome track record. Hopes were raised only today when Wednesday's cover was revealed HERE.

Alas, below the fold the truth will out.

The Obbie is not finally getting round to telling it like it is on Sir Cyril's monkey business with the Whipp hands. Nor delving into the Knowle View/Smith Street (no relation) Bogs and its cottage of special needs rough trade. Nor exposing the influences and tensions from the giant member of Emma Street on the catastrophic Stefan Kiszko trial.

It's just some kid. Probably sexually abused himself at some point mind you.

Tax-paid and drunken affront to all things holy Agent Dave Hennigan and useless absentee shirker MP Paul Rowen have conspired to cover up Old Smithy's dark side. Dark side of the moon you might say.

On asbestos and on everything else. When metaphorically speaking it should be "pants down, bare cheeks, across the knee, we'll give you 'what for?', you dirty corrupting old bastard".

Taking his knighthood off him is the very least that should be done. UPDATE 14:59: Below the Goodies provide a cleaned up version, slightly cleaned up, of Cyril's new theme song. Nice One Cyril just won't do.

Iain Dale's Diary: How to be a Happy Homosexual

Iain Dale links to an article entitled How to be a Happy Homosexual and seems to think the answer to this riddle-me-ree involves being a member of the Conservatives. The true blue home of the homo.

This seems perverse and I've commented along those lines. Funnily enough, last Thursday evening I was conversing with a fellow blogger who asserted - following a deep conversation with a third blogger who was not present - that Iain Dale would probably be all for the David Davies style social conservatism/section 28/marriage for hets only sort of tendancy if he were not happily gay himself.

For, they argued, on all the other touchstone, or cornerstone, issues Iain tends to be very socially conservative indeed.

Perhaps in endorsing this bizarre idea of the Conservative Party being the true home of the homosexual Iain is proving that blogger's point?

Paul Rowen's Agent: Smell Of Drink/Drunken Witnesses Needed

It seems that Mr Dave Hennigan, who is Lib Dem MP's Paul Rowen's apparently tax-payer-funded chief constituency worker in Rochdale, though he calls himself "agent" and is mostly party political, feels so concerned by reports that he smelled, or some say stank, of drink at 3pm on Sunday afternoon while briefly attending a muslim community meeting that he is openly threatening muslim community leaders and security workers who may confirm such reports - with legal action.

This is following the debacle in which he attempted to substitute himself for Paul Rowen as a platform speaker at a public meeting. Even though he was persona non grata with the venue and organisers. He was ejected by security, having kicked off when he was told: NO!

If you can vouch for Dave's drunkenness or otherwise please do get in touch. Perhaps you have actually seen Dave sober and not smelling of drink at this time on a Sunday? Perhaps you have never seen him sober and not smelling of drink at this time? Perhaps you have found him generally sober in the afternoons? Or mornings? Or not? Perhaps generally drunken?

Clearly if you were in smelling distance - as in frog marching him out of the place on Sunday - your evidence could be especially useful. Though if you saw Dave from a distance staggering or swaying but could not smell him, don't be put off. Please do still come forward.

Thanks in advance. Please provide evidential statements by email rather than in comments

CONSERVATIVES: Dead Icelandic Blue is No More

The Icelandic Blue coalition government is not just resting. And it is not pining for the fjords. It is no more, has ceased to be, has expired, has gone to meet its maker ... It is an ex-Conservative-led Government. Finally our repeated plea for examples of Conservative politicians worldwide "doing well" (or not) with this global credit crunch has been met.

Unfortunately the example has such a sad ending. The Conservative leader of the brilliant Icelandic economy has fallen off his perch. He is an ex-Geyser, presumably.


TORY-ICELAND CONNECTION: We've still not heard back from CCHQ on how much cash they had as a party in Icelandic Banks, thanks to their Treasurer Michael Spencer, whose advisors cost more than fifty local authorities around a quarter of a billion of council tax payers money.
Which would be worse? Tories having millions in Iceland but removing the cash shortly before the crash on advice from Spencer, who failed to tell others the news? Or the Tories losing their bollocks thanks to the same dodgy geyser?

BREAKING: Frank Field MP Calls For Time Limited Benefits

A couple of weeks ago Frankie was calling for plans to be hatched - just in case - for a government of national unity. His co-panelists such as David Steele rather teased him over it all. Poor Frank. Now he's written a paper for Reform, for which independent think tank he is an Advisory Board member. He probably advised them to publish his paper:

"Time-limited benefits can help fight the recession" ...

Is Frank's bold and very likely even-more-unpopular-with-Labour-than-James-Purnell's claim. Indeed Franko claims the Welfare Reform Bill - being debated in the House of Commons today (Tuesday) - is based on toothless sanctions that will not help people back into employment. And he suggests that a radical programme of time-limited, contribution-based benefits and locally devolved community programmes would allow welfare to become an important weapon in fighting surging unemployment.

The paper, Help! Refashioning welfare reform to help fight the recession, finds that at the height of the last recession, before Labour's welfare to work strategy was
created, more people were leaving unemployment benefit than were at the height of
the most recent economic boom. At a time of rising unemployment, therefore, welfare
reform is more important than ever.

Repeating his familiar burden and currying favour with his many Tory admirers Field claims that The New Deal has been a spectacular and expensive failure, costing £75 billion over the past decade but reducing the number of benefit claimants by only 400,000.

As usual this arithmetic seems pretty duff and a tad misleading. The population of working age has I think increased considerably in this period, one way and another. So the glass half empty approach of reduced claimants may be less informative than the glass half full one of considering total workforce.

But, bashing on, Field claims a new approach is needed, echoing Bill Clinton's 1996 reforms which cut welfare rolls by two thirds.

The key pillars of Field's proposed reform are:

* Time-limiting benefits for under 25s who have never worked and linking this reform to the advent of a green community programme;

* Reforming the National Insurance system so that workers with a longer record of work receive higher contribution-based Jobseeker's Allowance if made redundant;

* Freeing the Jobcentre Plus network from central control, allowing people who understand the local job market to help claimants back into work whilst combating benefit fraud; and,

* Abolishing the use of training as a sanction, restoring its value and prestige.

So far, so "not too mad". Frank Field MP says: "The Government is debating welfare reform whilst standing on the burning ship. With over-bubbling phrases and good intent the Government has set upon a strategy that will defeat its goal.

"A radical Government would withdraw this Bill and replace it with serious welfare reform as one means of overcoming the recession".

Elizabeth Truss, Deputy Director of Reform, said: "We have had eleven years of talk
of welfare reform. Will the Government now be brave enough at the crucial moment to
act seriously on its rhetoric?"

Now now Elizabeth. And Frank too. The Government believe they are seizing the day and walking the talk. What they've got is unpopular enough with Labour grass roots and meeja without adding the Field magic to the mix.

PDF DOWNLOAD: The report from Field and his researcher Patrick White can be downloaded right here. Or you could wait for welfare and blogging expert Iain Dale to explain it for you as he surely will.

Monday, January 26, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Dale Stitches DK - "The Speaker Has Let Me Down"

Is Iain Dale trying to sabotage Daniel Kawczynski MP's career? He has given DK - the standard abbreviation for "Don't Know" - around 1,000 words to dig his own grave. So far comments - and remember this is at the Labour Party's Favourite Tory Blogger's site, now patronised by J Prescott and A Campbell both - have not been encouraging:

"You buckled like a little girl" said Andy.

"Piss off prat MP" said John.

"I sympathise" said BSH. There's always one.

"OMG ... comes across as a little schoolgirl" said Mr Mr. "Your exclusive just digs his grave."

"Surely they had some principle/honesty" (in the old days) said Martin Day. I've taken liberties, sorry MD.

"Everyone makes a mistake. Once." Raedwald, yearning for no repetitions.

"..." said some clump.

"Get off your bloody knees Kawczynski" said an ex-apprentice.

"...this MP has little to complain about and is basically being a silly, whining baby" said DespairingLiberal.

"You buckled ... You should say 'I goofed' with good grace" said modesty forbids.

EXCLUSIVE: Rowen Must Sack Dave Not Get Excuses in Early

Fans of the orator Paul Rowen MP, sadly prevented from honouring a long-time and much-publicized commitment to speak on a platform with minor talent George Galloway MP on Sunday, ending in tired and emotional bleating from the eejected drunken Agent and tax payer employee Dave Hennigan, will be wondering when they can next catch this wunderkind of whizzy speeches. No, not Dave, Paul.

Mr Rowen's due to speak again - as headline this time - at the same Castelmere Community Centre - on Saturday 9th February (above). Rather than a former Labour-ite firebrand Mr Rowen will be up against and Ali Khan of the Tories' favourite muslim tendancy, that's Hizb ut-Tahrir of course.

Let's hope Paul doesn't have any meetings within five days either side of this commitment that could stop him taking part. Now that he is travelling everywhere on barefoot to (a) Save Carbon and (b) Save Doing Anything.

Tackling extremism - including extreme drunkenness - is vital for Rochdale and pulling out again could prove fatal to Rowen's ambitions to keep his seat. Any attempt to use the eejection of his eejit snake in the grass agent "Drunken Dave Hennigan" from his plain nasty attempt to crash this Sunday's party will lead to a meltdown at the polls.

Sacking Hennigan for gross misconduct and turning him in for his many faults and misdemeanours would be far more popular in Rochdale MBC. He can also be blamed for any and all accounting issues of the past three years at least.

Rochdale Exclusive: More Facts Emerge on Final Warning Dave

The Hennigan Hooliganism post has been radically updated.

EXCLUSIVE: Hennigan Pipes of Peace, or Tubes of Lager?

Rochdale Online has another version of the Hennigan hooligan story. Seems that William and Wera Hobhouse, like Dave they're ex-Tories, don't understand that invitations to speak at meetings are not transferable. Dave is not the local MP. Though he is telling folk that the reason he's moved to Heywood is so that he can become the Lib Dem PPC there ... And who is that at the moment? Why, Wera Hobhouse is who.

A representative for Paul Rowen MP was marched out of a public conference because he asked the speaker if he could read out a speech.
David Hennigan, who works as an agent for the MP, was thrown out of Castlemere Community Centre during a Gaza conference with George Galloway MP, because the committee decided he had acted in appropriately.
This caused outrage among the other lib dems who were present, who subsequently stormed out of the meeting.
Paul Rowen MP was invited to the event but was unable to make it, so he sent David to read the speech out for him.
Mohammed Shafiq, who organised the event said: “Dave should not have spoken out to the speaker with this speech, it was decided early on that we didn’t want him to speak, we are not happy with the way he has acted towards us in the past”.
Councillors Wera and William Hobhouse also stormed out of the meeting.
William said: “Why is it that George Galloway can speak and Paul Rowen can not. This was outrageous behaviour and in no way acceptable.
David Hennigan said: “To say this was a meeting meant to be promoting peace I am disgusted with the way I was treated.
“I did nothing wrong, they way I was removed from the meeting was appalling, Paul Rowen is not at all happy and is writing to Mr Shafiq”.

It goes without saying that contrary to the impression he tries to give Dave Hennigan was not outspoken against the Iraq War. No sign of anything but blether in Focus leaflets. The same goes for Paul Rowen MP and John Leech MP. Latecomers to the Anti-War cause.

And he was clearly removed from the meeting for disturbing the peace with attempts to speak when he knew he had not been invited. Will be interesting to read what Dave writes by way of a protest letter "from Paul Rowen". A sad man.

We didn't have that long to wait. Rochdale Online - not a great upholder of standards - have sneak edited their report which now concludes:

Mr Hennigan said: “I was absolutely disgusted at the behaviour of what claims to be an organisation who promote peace and community cohesion.
"I was there to represent Paul Rowen and made this clear to the Chief Executive at the start of the meeting.
"I was therefore surprised to be asked to leave without any reason and be physically intimidated by a number of heavies and not allowed to return to the meeting.
"Their despicable behaviour goes against the very ethos of what the meeting was about and I am shocked and quite frankly cannot understand their behaviour and aggression.”
Rochdale MP Paul Rowen, who was absent as he was on his way to a Council of Europe Meeting to push for a European-wide debate on Gaza said: “I am shocked and disappointed by what I see as a deliberate snub to me.
"I have every right to send someone on my behalf and had informed the organisers that I was sending a representative to speak on my behalf.
"I have written to their Chief Executive outlining my concerns and more importantly the treatment of my staff. I know that David was upset at how he was treated and I don’t blame him – he was just doing his job.
"The behaviour of the Ramadhan Foundation leaves a lot to be desired and I must say it puts a big question mark on both the legitimacy and morals of this small organisation".

In fact the meeting of the Council of Europe thing is in four days time, on Thursday 29, and what's more the excuse does not explain all about the substitution of Mr Hennigan for his puppet MP. Is this reason a complete pack of lies? RAW suggest it is cock and bull.


Fact One: The Castlemere Community Centre was the same venue where Dave Hennigan and a shady accomplice, possibly Rowen's faithful non-employee Adam Power, drunkenly made arses of themselves trying to disrupt a visit by Jack Straw;

Fact Two: The manager/chair of the Centre, Mr Malik was deeply affronted by this wretched and utterly wasted Lib Dem behaviour on the occasion of a ministerial visit to his centre;

Fact Three: Rowen and Hennigan know there is no love lost and that Hennigan would be a completely unacceptable substitute to Mr Malik even if Mr Shafiq, who has also seen the wrong end of a few carve ups, was willing;

Fact Four: The first substitute proposed and accepted was Cllr Zulf Ali, a controversial character in his own right. Not someone you'd choose to counter the oratory of George Galloway certainly;

Fact Five: A further substitute was another local asian councillor for the Lib Dems - Cllr Angela Coric (please see correction);

Fact Six: This makes Hennigan at least the FOURTH CHOICE to deliver the speech and shows that it was well known that he was unsuitable. The Councillors Hobhouse presumably would have been more acceptable and were probably asked too. SIXTH CHOICE?;

Fact Seven: Hennigan's substitution for Rowen was not AFAIK advanced with the organisers and he allegedly arrived at the venue for a 3pm meeting already STINKING OF BOOZE and allegedly UNABLE TO STAND OR WALK NORMALLY;

Fact Eight: This was clearly highly offensive to Mr Malik, already furious with Hennigan for spoiling his historic visit from a Senior Minister, and with the Ramadhan Foundation committee also;

Fact Nine: Like certain other Lib Dem who shall remain anonymous for the time being Dave Hennigan does not accept that NO means NO so he tried to force the issue;

Fact Ten: Following numerous complaints of appalling behaviour, harassment, drunkenness, bullying, lying and more Dave Hennigan is believed to be on a Final Written Warning at the insistence of the Serjeant at Arms. Who handles external disciplinary matters for MPs and their staff as well as (ahem) police access.

CORRECTION Weds 14:00: I'm now told that Cllr Coric does not identify herself as asian.

Pete and Bruce for Obama: This Land is Your Land

Another Harry link. Not sure how Harry Barnes' marvellous blog Three Score Years and Ten has fallen through the blogroll cracks here. Apologies Harry. THIS is a link to the Pete Seeger/Bruce Springsteen centred performance of Woody Guthrie's great US American anthem. YouTube video above. More links at Harry's.

The BBC Gaza Debacle: They Should Run Every DEC Appeal

Without fear or favour. It can be no surprise that Harry's Place is backing the BBC decision not to run the DEC appeal. Here's my comment there:

The BBC should simply adopt policy to publish every single DEC appeal that reaches the correct critical mass for this, irrespective of whether man-made or natural disaster. That's the only way.
Otherwise the BBC is unconsciously backing the lie that arabs in the middle east are somehow less human than arabs and other africans in Darfur. Both situations obviously have political roots. Both are now humanitarian crises ... humans suffering.
Run the adverts. Perhaps the government of Israel could settle the matter by running DEC appeals on their own TV channels. Thank the BBC and Sky but say they are misguided.
These suffering people are living in what amounts to a colony of Israel after all, ruled from the Knesset whoever they vote for.

GuF's Cartoonists: Best Yet, But The Implied Ending's Wrong

Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka right-wing toilet blogger Mr GuF has a terible cartoonist team.

Rick and Mark's work is rarely fit to be seen.

But today's is an exception. In my view the best they've come up with.

However, given that the Sunday Times have bottled it or have at best a weak story the story cannot possibly end in the traditional way. Switch the fan on and the ordure disappears stage left.

ROCHDALE: More on Eejection and Cyril's Charity Smackathon

Rochdale Alternative Website has just published (despite time stamp from early hours) another account of Paul Rowen's Lib Dem Let Down re Gaza and of the ejection of whom they call an 'eejit' - Dave Drunkagain. The RAW team has also mischieviously used Burns Night as a hook for Sir Cyril Smith MBE to again expose himself as a bare arse smacker, ball groper and abuser of raw power at the expense of 15 and 16 year old boys. So far from their strangely testicular Haggis and neaps. On a fork lift stump Cyril (right) is very proud of his hands the size of pizzas. "Just the job" to discipline young rascals" you might say. This will make Hennigan's high proof blood boil.

The wounds are still red raw. Who can blame him? Cyril is his hero now. "Must protect hero ... he's allegedly a child abuser ... does not compute ... and an alleged colluder with industrial killers for speeches in the house ... does not compute ... and a promoter of sex killer miscarriages ... does not compute".

Poor Dave. Though of course Maggie was Hen's hero when he was a youth. For he was the Conservative Future once. 'Twas only later that he discovered that in Rochdale it was Sir Cyril who was the Iron Lady.

UPDATED STORY: Rowen sadly prevented from honouring a long-time and much-publicized commitment, HERE.

Iain Dale: Claims Cameron Is Winning Back C2s

Without showing any change over time or considering don't knows and won't says but with an isolated breakdown of leads by social group Iain Dale again claims that Cameron Is Winning Back the C2s. Also that this group won for Maggie and won for Tone. This may be the case, or not. But what is certain is that Mr Dale ain't a statistician or indeed a literate consumer of statistics. And he ain't produced any proof for his claims.

C2s are skilled and certificated manual workers of all kinds, and small business people. White van men, hackney cab drivers (but not private hire), corner shoppers, chargehands.

These are not particularly groups that ever went for the red thing. ADD 9:54: And as the first download shows definitions are troublesome.

I would expect this group to usually show the strongest Tory lead of the C1C2DE combination, and usually show the lowest Labour lead in better times.

2001 Census by SG Approximations | Description of Tables on Social Grade Approximation | Spreadsheets (Excel) | Market Research Society write round (Web Page).

UPDATE 10:19: The second link isn't what I'd expected. That was something akin to the "Jobs dictionary" published by MRS. In fact they seem to have protected that data rather well, you need to buy the book. Corner shoppers are usually C1s unless they are tradesmen outlets (C2).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Hennigan Ejected From Galloway Meeting

Witness accounts welcome. We are informed that Paul Rowen MP was due to speak on a platform with George Galloway at an event in Rochdale today at 3pm.

But Rowen bottled out. And Hennigan Boy Wonder was either sent or took it upon himself to fill the MP's boots. Sadly Hennigan Boy Wonder was a complete arse. Possibly inebriated. Certainly suffering afternoon after effects. But bouncing around like a rubber ball.

He was therefore thrown out. With "Don't You Know Who I Am?" ringing in the bouncers' ears. "Yes" they said under their breaths as they got good riddance of bad rubbish.

Entrapment/Cash Offers: Guardian and BBC Out-Nuance Times

The Guardian coverage of the potential Lords entrapment involving various Peers being offered retainers is less bullish than that of The Sunday Times as advertised by Iain Dale at about 11:15pm last night. Nonsensically he claims the BBC only started running the story at 10:30pm. Probably means 10:30am today? Far from ignoring the story the BBC has a sensible Q&A alongside other coverage. And of course Andrew Marr's AM Show, starting 9 am had lined up Lady Royall (above) as an additional live guest to discuss the matter.

The story was towards the top of the programme after news headlines and before the weather. Priority in other words. Around 6 minutes 10 seconds in. Dale and other Tory BBC-baiting really is very tiresome and pretty much unfounded, though he - an IDF cheerleader - is clearly right to call them on the silly Gaza Appeal decision.

Though Iain doesn't seem to see any connection between rejoicing at the half-arsed entrapment attempt and condemning some lass from the Mirror for seeking Tory friends on facebook.

UPDATE 14:26: Dale's perfidy is highlighted by his ignoring of a comment at 1:43 AM stating that the BBC website was already leading with the story then. That's almost nine hours before Dale claims they cottoned on. Several also point out BBC Radio leading with it.

Freedom of Information: Tories Had Done Deal With Labour

Don't get me wrong. I shall enjoy any bounty from FOI requests on hypocritical MPs of all parties - calling for openness while secretly hoping, or indeed plotting to stymie this. Thanks to Sam Coates for this digging.

The secrets of John Leech, Paul Rowen and other "Freedom of Information champions" in the Liberal Democrats will be particularly interesting given their craven bleatings, the published accounts of their local party units, and their often strange arrangements.

But with or without the FOI exemption the new rules and the increased granularity of expenses accounting are a great leap forward. And although I may have to share some of my receipts with the taxman and/or VATman and my accountant I do not have to share these with the press and bloggers of the nation. Which makes the level playing field argument defunct doesn't it?

Here is the order paper for the non-debate on FOI showing the increased openness being brought forward by the government, lettering scheme as forwarded to me (see update):

Main Business

† 1 BUSINESS OF THE HOUSE [Until 6.00 pm]
Ms Harriet Harman

That, at this day’s sitting, the Speaker shall put the Questions necessary to dispose of proceedings on the Motions in the name of Ms Harriet Harman relating to Payments to hon. Members (Publication Scheme), Members’ Allowances (Green Book), Members’ Allowances (Audit and Assurance) and Committee on Members’ Allowances not later than 5 pm; in each case such Questions shall include the Questions on any Amendments selected by the Speaker which may then be moved; proceedings may continue, though opposed, after the moment of interruption; and Standing Order No. 41A (Deferred divisions) shall not apply.

Ms Harriet Harman


(2) In addition, information relating to Members’ expenditure from the beginning of the current Parliament shall be published in relation to each financial year, to the extent that such information is separately identifiable, under the following categories:

(a) Administrative and Office Expenditure:

(i) accommodation costs for offices, surgeries, etc;

(ii) office equipment and supplies;

(iii) telephones and other telecommunications;

(iv) professional fees and charges;

(v) agency and other staff costs;

(vi) travel costs;

(vii) utilities;

(b) Personal Additional Accommodation Expenditure:

(i) mortgage interest;

(ii) rent;

(iii) hotel costs;

(iv) council tax;

(v) fixtures, fittings and furnishings;

(vi) subsistence;

(vii) other household costs, including service charges, utilities, telecommunications, maintenance and repairs;

(c) Communications Expenditure:

(i) websites;

(ii) reports and surveys;

(iii) delivery charges, postage and stationery;

(iv) advertising;

(v) equipment;

(d) Staffing Expenditure;

(e) Travel Expenditure in relation to travel by Members:

(i) car, including third party vehicle rental and mileage;

(ii) rail;

(iii) air;

(iv) other UK and European travel;

(f) Resettlement Grant;

(g) Winding-up Expenditure;

(3) The Committee on Members’ Allowances shall keep the categories listed in paragraph (2) above under review and may modify them from time to time as the committee may think necessary or desirable in the interests of clarity, consistency, accountability and effective administration, and conformity with current circumstances.

Ms Harriet Harman

That this House approves the Guide to Members’ Allowances (the Green Book), published as Annex 1 to the First Report of the House of Commons Members Estimate Committee (House of Commons Paper No. 142) and endorses the Principles set out in Part 1 of the Green Book as the basis for all claims made by Members;

That the rules set out in the Green Book shall govern all expenditure on Members’ allowances with respect to all claims for expenditure arising on or after 1 April 2009;

That the Members Estimate Committee shall carry out a review of the provisions of the resolutions of this House relating to such expenditure, make such modifications to them as are necessary to ensure that they are consistent with the provisions in the Green Book, and report to the House; and

That this House thanks Ms Kay Carberry CBE, nominated by the Trades Union Congress, and Mr Keith Bradford, nominated by the Confederation of British Industry, for having acted as the Speaker’s external appointees to the Advisory Panel on Members’ Allowances.

Ms Harriet Harman

That this House approves the arrangements for the audit and assurance of Members’ allowances set out in the report of the Members Estimate Audit Committee to the House of Commons Members Estimate Committee, published as Annex 3 to the First Report of the House of Commons Members Estimate Committee (House of Commons Paper No. 142).

UPDATE 11:33: I've relented and removed the repetition.

Agent David Hennigan: Defies Alcohol Exclusion Zone