Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gordon Brown: Positive Sojurn With Barack Obama

Here are the Telegraph words that go with the ITN/DT video, above. Sarcasm is of course the lowest form of wit. So naturally Iain Dale is on top form with his ultra high sarky snideness factor in evidence here and particularly here. We'd never dismiss the wet, bike losing, nu cuddly tory Dave Cameron in this way. Despite his election over Davis being to quote Iain hisself unlikely to be: "to the advantage of the party". How dare he? How very dare he?


Anonymous said...

Two brown men running the planet.

DES said...

Black people love the PM. He has saved millions of lives with the huge increase in aid he has given to Africa, as chancellor and PM. He is the "unslave trader". He is a hero to all black people. Obama, said when he met him Prime Minister you are now as saint on my continent.
No wonder the slave trading tories hate the PM. To Obama it must have been like meeting A white Mandela.

Chris Paul said...

Interesting stuff that Des. Very interesting.

Diablo said...

Oh dear - there's that des again - is he haunting me?

Anyway, I liked the typo in the DT that states that Obama said: "Hello".... with a broad smile and a secession of regal waves."

An unfortunate (or ironic) mistake as "secession" can refer to the historic withdrawal of 11 southern states from the US Union in 1860 which lead to the (American) Civil War.

These print journalists can be very sloppy at times, can't they? They wouldn't get Level 5 in their SATS if I was marking them!

Chris Paul said...

Ahh, Diablo, so you are part of the evil ETS capitalist pirateering fuck up of our children's futures?

Dirty Euro:: said...

The PM and Obama both now how it feels to be labelled as a colour. LOL

Anonymous said...

"Ahh, Diablo, so you are part of the evil ETS capitalist pirateering fuck up of our children's futures?"

Hey Chris - why did you not allow my follow-up comment that explained I was winding you (and others) up about being a SATs marker?

I think you'll find - if you visit my blog:

that I am far from happy about ETS's performance and, indeed the way this whole debacle has been handled by the Labour government.

Are you now censoring comments?