Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dolly the Bleep: LabourList, Labourist, Bloggerheads and Iain Dale

The pre-rolling Labour supporting group hug that is LabourList has company from a parallel universe name of Labourist.

Tim Ireland is getting stuck in to tiro blogger Derek Draper and the LL ting. Iain Dale seems to be filing these developments under "when the left fall out" though the greatest attacks on the LL Beta have been from (a) himself in various misery memos (b) muppety Tory trolls and (c) so he claims, Donal Blaney's paramilitary Blaney Youth in a denial-of-service prank.

Derek Draper has a lot to learn about blogging and moderating comments and engaging (or not) with Tim Ireland. But I'm not sure Iain Dale is the guru he should seek out.

Leading Lib Dem paranoia merchant Alix Mortimer runs a theory up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes. They don't. But there is universal fascination with it. With the idea that the new site was also on board the Project.

And there is also an emerging counter theory involving the netizens of Message Space as saboteurs. One of these was of course - quite wrongly - blamed for giving Guido the SP on the boy Draper in the first place.

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Jag Singh said...

I'm waiting for a Draper vs Ireland throwdown!