Friday, July 31, 2009

All Mixed Up, Parliamentary One Namers: Esther, Hazel, Nadine

The Manchester Evening News are running a story from one Dean Kirby claiming that Esther Rantzen today gave her blessing to Hazel Blears HERE. But, unless there are some other significant comments not included in the piece, I'm not sure she actually did say that.

What she said in answer to a direct question about Hazel Blears' situation was I think a generic comment about MPs who did good work in their constituencies deserving a second chance. Clearly it is only constituents on the ground who will know whether any particular MP falls into that category or not.

Some will think that Hazel does meet this criterion. I think that she may well do myself. Much as I'm in a different place when it comes to a good few national policies. Others will think that she doesn't. But that was also true in 2005 of course. HB did not get 100% of the vote then did she? I think that this is perhaps ER demonstrating a good command of the way politicians often deal with questions. Is that a good thing, or not?

I'm not really sure why a celebrity independent candidate who does not live in Luton South, or even all that near to Luton South, would want to stand for parliament there. If the Rt Hoon Margaret Moron MP was intending to and permitted to defend the seat that would be a different matter.

In an interview with Channel M's Andy Crane, which his chum David Ottewell, who also repeated the apparent Esther-Hazel travesty, claimed was "excellent" and "in depth", ER explained that as well as being pissed off with Moron - to be fair these were not the words she used exactly - what clinched it was the fact that ER's home was convenient and about equidistant from Luton South and Westminster. There's a five-minute version HERE.

This being so Esther, would you also perchance be reasonably equidistant and convenient for Woburn and Westminster? Because unlike Luton South, where all the candidates ought to be "clean", in Mid Bedfordshire the incumbent appears to have a completely imaginary "main home" and has probably not done much for local people, apart from making some of them start a collection (back in May/June 2007) to put her on a flight to Australia:

G'Day Nadine
Sir - Last week a correspondent suggested setting up a fund to send Nadine Dorries,MP, on a long holiday to Australia so that the Nirah project can get underway without any more hassle.
Where might I send the money?

D Newman
Waterloo Road, Bedford

Bit overdue for a visit over to Nadine's blog actually. You may have seen her in the House of Commons bragging about her second daughter graduating? Also on the blog in passing, though in the HoP she also mentioned that the poor girl was headed for the dole queue with an unconscionable level of debts. Like mother like daughter some would say. But that would be too cruel. The Grade I listed Woolstaplers Hall Grand Designs albatross uPVC and all, has finally been jettisoned after all.

I'm wondering if she has yet to announce that her over-promoted first daughter, with a surprising top job as Office Manager in mummy's office, is to show a clean pair of high heels and is actually off to Australia. And that middle daughter will be even more over-promoted and keep her seat warm for her. Family Fortunes!

That way Ms Dorries will not only have filled her vacancy without the faff of advertising and all that rot but also done something for a couple of local people, who just happen to be family. Would that be enough to satisfy Esther I wonder? Nadine also kept on her ex- Paul as child minder, house sitter and dog walker. So that's three local people helped!!! And the dog at least may be "clean" in respect of expenses sleaze, thanks to that Table Drier.

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