Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Libdemologists: Hoaxer Leech Finally Makes His Mind Up

In 2006 Cllr John Leech MP, the Christie Cancer Hospital Closure Hoaxer, backed Nick Clegg before there was even a contest. Charlie Kennedy was reeling horribly but had Leech's "full support".

When twisted fire starter Calamity Clegg didn't stand he backed campaign expenses twister Buff Huhne. Now, described as Lib Dem "Transport Minister" (he's never been more than a number two or three spokesperson) Leech has finally made up his mind after two months of dithering.

Above for your enjoyment, via Ridiculous Politics, is the famous Calamity Clegg dossier from clubable Buff Huhne. Click to enlarge. Incidentally the Observer's Pendennis has a lovely story about provenance of some Huhne's leadership donations.

Turns out they're from the man - Paul Strasburger - who backed the convict and unlawful £2.4 M Lib Dem donor Michael Brown's legal costs, from Strasburger's wife Eve and from Huhne's dad.

Michael Brown has left Lib Dems in a position where they should (a) return funds to the donor or rather the real owners of the cash; allegedly these were not even his own funds to give; (b) also see the money confiscated by the Electoral Commission; and (c) find £4.8 M to pay off the resulting overdraft.


Miles Barter said...

What's your point?
Huhne is a bit less of a neocon than Clegg.
So John Leech has done the right thing.
Are we meant to cheer ot what?

Chris Paul said...

There are various points you chump:

Leech has dithered for two months is one point.

Leech backed Clegg previously while pretending he was backing Kennedy to stay is another.

Huhne - Mr Pure - has accepted some strange donations is a third point.

His statements on funding would indicate his party would be bound to pay back unlawful donations is a fourth.

Leech is a Hospital Hoaxer is an ever present.

You are deluded if you think either of them is much better on economic liberalism.

And I don't suggest Leech is right or wrong in his choice. Just the above.

What on earth is your point? Are you just being a destructive and negative tosser? Again.

Anonymous said...

I think Huhne's poor taste in donors is the least of his worries. If he is elected leader - this story about his personal life is going to reach the mainstream media and haunt him...

Miles Barter said...

Don't write a blog if you are gonna get so wound up by comments.

Chris Paul said...

Who's wound up? How on earth can you characterise a patient answer to your stupid question as being wound up?