Sunday, March 08, 2009

Unite-Amicus: Derek "Cut My Pay - No Way" Simpson 5.5%

The "Cut My Pay - No Way" candidate Derek Simpson (above) won the day - though more than 62% of the estimated 14% of the Unite-Amicus membership that could be bothered voted for other candidates. 38% times 14%? About 5.5% approval overall. Derek will be over the moon, as will the management at The Waldorf Hotel.

Simpson, 60048, (37.85%)
Hicks, 39307, (24.84%)
Coyne, 30603, (19.34%)
Reuter, 28283 (17.87%)

Interesting that it was the hard left rather than soppy right candidate or sensible middle ground man who came closest. Interesting too to wonder how the votes would have transfered had the ballot been carried out by STV. Strange to say I think it could be Reuter who comes out on top in a year's time when Derek - assuming no sneaky rule changes - is not allowed to stand again.


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